The thing in wich you probably are the most interested in, beside if I met some stars or not (unfortunately not) is what i was wearing.

You probably know this situation. You have a date, a job interview or a party to go to, you look in your wardrobe and there is just nothing that could suit. Well this was my case. I wanted to wear something funky, the EMA’s are not the Oscars and also not a funeral so there was no way for me that i would wear black. The only problem is that my wardrobe is not so colorful and i couldn’t find anything cool in store while last minute shopping.

So i ended up wearing a black blouse with velvet details on the shoulders from Zara and a black leggings also with velvet brocade details from Bershka. You cannot see anything of course in the pictures, because the pictures were taken at last minute and the hotel corridor was too dark :s

Still i wanted to show you the look, and i will show you the clothes in another outfit post so that you can see the details.