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amandine fashion blogger berlin germany outfit top chicwish baroque shiftdress

Also one of my favourite summer dress.

I wear it non stop. Perfect to be well dressed everyday.

I am wearing :
Dress : chicwish
Shoes : H&M (summer 2013)
Hairband : Zara
Bag : Selma Messenger Michael Michael Kors


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amandine top  fashion blogger berlin germany

fashion blogger berlin germany chicwish baroque shiftdress

chicwish baroque crochet shiftdress

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany chicwish dress


If you follow me on Instagram and if you have read my #AmandineFashionWeekXGalaxyS5 diary you know that i was part of a project created by Marc Cain that is called 11 bloggers, 11 cities.

The kick off of the project was Berlin Fashion Week and more especially the Marc Cain Show for Spring/Summer 2015. The day of the show, 11 of us international bloggers met in the morning to get our Hair and Make-Up done by Jacks Beauty department and to wear our outfit from the Marc Cain Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I decided to wear a denim dress with a pearl necklace for a boho chic look.

After hair and make-up we went for lunch at Neni, where they serve oriental specialities and then went to the Marc Cain fashion show, that had for Theme Magic Circus and that was starring no one else than : Marcia Cross and Hilary Swank!! Following a performance featuring ballet dancers and an acrobat, the fashion show started. There were so many looks and I can already tell there are a few pieces i am totally craving about!! What i like about Marc Cain, is that in one collection, there are items for every style and every age. Therefore it make sense to create a project with 11 bloggers, from 11 cities, all with a different style. I was so happy to meet new bloggers. Especially Clémence, who is french as well. It was just so nice to talk french again!!

Now i would like to thanks Madeleine for taking all pictures, the girls from Blogger Bazaar for organizing this event and of course Marc Cain for inviting me.
















amandine fashion blogger berlin germany esprit kimono

A few weeks ago i went to a the Esprit Midsummer event in Berlin. During this event we could choose a piece from the Spring/Summer collection.

I immediately fell in love with this kimono. It is so special it could be a vintage piece. Actually everyone, when i wear it think it’s vintage and can’t believe when i say it’s from Esprit.

I wear it for classy events with heels and a jeans or shorts like on this pictures. And dor everyday i wear it with a jeans and my pink converse.

I was wearing :
Kimono : Esprit (unfortunately i didn’t find the kimono online)
Short : Zara
Shoes : Zara (2013)
Bag : Michael Michael Kors Selma messenger bag


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amandine fashion blogger berlin germany french

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany high waisted culotte shorts kimono

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany michael michael kors selma messenger bag

michael michael kors selma messenger bag


#AmandineFashionWeekXGalaxyS5 is the hashatg i used on my social media this week to report about my very own Berlin Fashion Week. I used the hashtag because it is a cooperation with Samsung. For the entire fashion week, Samsung gave me to try, a Samsung Galaxy S5. I am not a phone expert so i will tell you what i think of the phone, from a fashionista point of view.

The pictures below are pictures i already posted on my social media channels as well as some new pictures i took during fashion week, with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

This was a perfect experience to try the phone since I use my phone mainly to take pictures. Many people i know who have a Samsung phone told me they were very happy with it, especially with the camera. Indeed the camera is very good, i love the large screen and therefore the large angle. I only think that for pictures taken in the dark, the camera needs some improvement.

I also use my pictures for my instagram account and therefore i needed to download a few apps. Until now i was an iphone user so that i am used to the Itunes apps. Androids apps are something new for me, and i could see that not all the apps available for iphone are available for android phones. For example, i resize my pictures that I use on instagram with Squaready, but Squaready is not available for android. I found a very similar app though, that resized my pictures and that was as well for free.

I was very happy with the apps. There are plenty of it, either in the Samsung store with apps especially made for samsung and there is the Google Play store with tones of app that are available for all android phones.

Talking about apps, i will now talk about games. I love to play games when i am sitting in the underground so i downloaded a few. What i really liked was that the screen is huge and therefore perfect to play. The colours are amazing as well, so that is good to play or watch a video. (I know some of you watch youtube videos on their phones).

To finish, i was really happy with the Samsung Galaxy S5, and since i have to buy a new phone, mine is dying, i am actually thinking of buying the Samsung Galaxy S5 instead of the iphone 5S i had in mind first.

Also the Galaxy S5 has some more application that the Iphone hasn’t. For example magazine, where you can find in one single app articles about subject you’re interested in. For example if you are interested in fashion, you will find there all the fashion news. But there is as well an health app that helps you follow your fitness goals. I started to use it but haven’t tested it completely yet. I only used the pedometer (count your steps) and the heart rate tool.

Now back to fashion week. Below is what i did. I didn’t do much show because is it very stressful and for me it’s ok to watch the pictures after the show on th internet. I don’t need to see a show live and prefer the agency to give my invitation to someone who would really see a fashion show live.

First event, and first picture above was a fashion week opening party on monday. It took place at Weekend, with a barbecue, cocktails and an amazing view over the city.

On Tuesday I went to The Aqueonautas event. Arqueonautas is a fashion brand that is inspired by the Maritime atmosphere. They did a fashion show and then Kevin Costner with his band Modern West played a concert. And then we watched the unbelievable football game Brazil – Germany.

This below was my look for the day. I tried something new with my hair. I really liked the look and will try to do a braid like this myself the next days.



On Wednesday i went to the Fossil watch lounge. I had a look to the new watch collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diesel, Emporio Armani and Skagen. I totally fell in love with the huge Diesel watches. I don’t wear a watch so often so when i wear one i want the watch to be like an accessories so the one from Diesel is perfect to make a statement.

On the evening i went to eat with my friend Vicky and other blogger girls before we went to the Uhlalà Beachwear party hosted by Bonnie Strange.



Thursday was a busy day. I had a cooperation with Marc Cain and other international bloggers so we spent the all day together. But more on this tomorrow on the blog.




After the event i went to the Samsung Fashion Cool Downer Event in the Inland Showroom and Shop. Samsung took fashion week as a motto to present it’s fridge, the Samsung Food Showcase. Over a glass of Thomas Henry limonade, I discovered there is a fridge especially made for fashionista or better said #kitchenista which means for girls who keep their beauty products or clothes in the fridge (For example, you can put a cashmere knit in the fridge, it will avoid the item to be covered in bobbles. As well you can put your nail polish into the fridge to keep it fluid). So for all #kitchenistas, Samsung created a fridge with a second door for all your beauty products so that they stay separated from drinks and foodstuff. How brilliant?!!




At night i first went to the Lacoste X Interview Magazine event for the launch of the Lacoste L!ve Fragance with live gig and later to the Reserved party starring Goergia May Jagger who opened the Reserved fashion Show.



On Friday, i went to the Fashion Blogger Café hosted by Styleranking to have a chat with my other fellow bloggers. Such a nice location at the Tempelhof harbour. There even was a mini pool!!

And at night, to close Fashion week i went to the Michalsky Stylenite. Highlight of the evening beside the collections was Rita Ora, performing live on stage!
The last picture is my outfit for the Michalsky Stylenite. I asked the taxi driver to take a picture of me, but he forgot my feet :D




THE Samsung Galaxy S5 (photo taken with my Canon Camera)
test samsung galaxy S5

amandine roskilde festival apollo stage

Hello dear, if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that i spent my weekend in Denmark, close to Copenhagen, and more exactly in Roskilde for a music festival. The Roskilde Music festival.

After i spent some festivals under the rain : Melt Festival, or Glastonbury Festivals, i was a bit scared to go to Denmark for a festival since the weather there can be tricky as well. But we got lucky on this. It only rained during the night when we were in the tent. Yes i spent all nights in a tent. No 5 stars hotel or anything, just a tent, because this is how you properly do a festival!!

I really enjoyed the Roskilde festival, since it’s a small festival but with a very good line up : The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Lykke Li, Haim, and so much more but also it is a very modern festival, with all facilities : real toilets, a Redken hairsalon, hot showers, recharging station for your phone, washing machines and a lot of shops, vintage but also brands like H&M, Vans, Converse, Wood Wood, etc…

Enjoy my pictures!!

amandine photo diary fashion blogger berlin germany roskilde festival 2014

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany roskilde festival 2014 lifestyle

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany roskilde festival 2014

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany roskilde festival kasabian concert

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany roskilde festival photo diary 2014

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany

amandine fashion blogger roskilde festival 2014

amandine roskile festival 2014 photo diary blogger

redken roskilde festival denmark

roskilde festival 2014 photo diary

roskilde festival photo diary 2014

roskilde festival photo diary washing machine

roskilde photo diary 2014 led stage

tuborg beer roskilde festival 2014

amandine photo diary roskilde festival 2014

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany red bandana dress roses

A last outfit post before i leave for Denmark. If you can remember, back in April I was invited to Copenhagen for the Roskilde festival pre-event. Now it is time for the real festival!! I have heard a lot about Roskilde and i am super excited. Did i tell you guys that the Rolling Stones are playing tomorrow night? :) ) Can’t wait for this, even though i know it will be so crowded i won’t see much but still, i will be there!

I am wearing :
Jacket : amandine fashion blogger berlin germany missguided roses dress red bandana “>Witty Knitters
Dress : Missguided
Bandana : amandine fashion blogger berlin germany missguided roses dress red bandana “>Asos
Shoes : Urban OUtfitters (From 2011)


amandine fashion blogger berlin germany


amandine fashion blogger berlin germany missguided roses dress red bandana

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany one piece two outfits

This blue tunic i am wearing is one of my favorite thing to wear this summer. When the weather is hot i wear it with a denim short and when it is not hot enough for a short, i wear it with a jeans.

Generally i am a bit more into eccentric clothes but this tunic is so comfortable and so easy to wear.

I am wearing :
Tunic : Esprit
Short : Vintage
Jeans : Asos
Shoes : Zara

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany esprit tunique boho collection

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany ootd boho esprit collection

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany

esprit boho collection blue amandine fashion blogger berlin germany