A few months ago I met Iggy Azalea after her concert in Berlin. I never posted the interview, waiting for the right moment to do it. But after the success of her last song and music video Work I couldn’t wait more.



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Me : Can you please introduce yourself?
Iggy : My name is Iggy Azalea, I was born in 1990, i am 22 and i started to rap with 14. I really love a rapper called Tupac and that is what made me fell in love with rap music.

Me : How did you came into rap music?
There were actually some kids that lived down my street all boys and everyone on our street hang together. No matter how old or how young we were it was a big group of us. Their parents were the most crazy cool of all our parents and so we hanged out at their place and we were listening to rap music.

Iggy : Then I used to write poem, poetry but not like “roses are red”, rather funny poems, about things i though were funny or funny rhymes about people and stuff like this but still poems, not music. My friends and I wanted to have a singing group but i can’t sing so i though maybe i could say my rhymes and i could be a rapper maybe. But we didn’t have any beats and we didn’t know where to get them so i started to do songs without beats. But i had fun doing this and i wanted to take the all thing more seriously so i started to search beats on the internet that’s how all started.

Me : Let’s talk about your rap. You have a really fast flow!How did this happen?

Iggy : Actually i rapped very slow, and i like it slow, but i also like the energy of rapping fast and it goes well with electronic music. And i like the combinaison of rap and electronic music. I wanted to do both so i though that rapping fast would better match so that’s why i started to do so!

I used to go on competition to do it faster tho! And i would always loose. I was very bad. I got booed a lot of times. But i should go again. I might win now!

Me : And how it is to be a girl in the rap industry?

Iggy : It is very hard because it’s hard to be the boss when you are a woman because men don’t like women telling them what to do and specially when i am very young. I am 22 and it doesn’t seat well with them when they are older, like 45 and I am like, “no, actually I am not going to do that, this is what we are gonna do, and you are going to do it”. They hate it.

Me : With your red lips and your blond ponytail you are very feminine. Even over feminine. Is this provocation toward men?

Iggy : Perhaps it is. Maybe you have to ask them. I think maybe it is a bit intimidating for some of them or some of them think it’s aggression or aggressive and are like “why do you have to be so aggressive” but they don’t understand that we women have to be fighters. We have to fight for everything all the time. Women are bigger fighters than men. We are stronger than them. For me my look is just powerful.

Me : You seem to be very interested in fashion. You were also the very first artist to do a shopping music video together with the online shop Ssense (see HERE). Can you talk about this?

Iggy : Yes, this was really cool. You know i am from the country and so i would see music videos while growing up and i would have like to dress like them and i would have ilk ego buy the clothes but i wouldn’t know where to get them or what they were called. So i though, if i were a kid now i at home it would be cool to have a video where you can click and where you can see what it is or what it looks like. Even if it is unaffordable but just to know what it is and as inspiration to know how to wear something like that.

I am very into fashion. I love a mix. Women are such characters? Some days you wanna feel feminine and soft and some days you wanna fell sexy. So i like a mix of people. I really love Eli Saab and those glamourous dresses in with you look like a Hollywood movie star. And I also love designers like Jeremy Scott it’s loud and so ugly that it’s good, it’s really fun if you know what I mean. I love all Michael Kors resort wear. But i like things that are flattering a women’s body like shape that women used to wear in the 50′s and the 60′s. I love color blocking. And if i would do a designer collaboration that would be with the Moschino design house. I really really love them. They are so girls, and playful but still edgy!

Iggy Azalea — Work – MyVideo

I know Woodkid is in Berlin these days so i though it would be a good idea to post again that video interview i did with him one year ago.


A few weeks ago, I met Marina Diamandis from Marina And The Diamonds for an Interview.

She talked about her new Album : Electra Heart, about the American Dream and says Lady Gaga or Madonna would represent it ourdays, she also talked about fashion and about Vivienne Westwood, her favourite designer.

Marina And The Diamonds will play at the Melt! Klub Weekender this Sunday in Berlin and will be on tour with Coldplay starting September 2012.

Her Album is out the 25 of May.


I met Moonbootica for the release of their new Album :”Our disco is louder than yours”, to come out the 25 of May.

They talked about their new album, about the clubbing scene in general, about what make them special and about their new music video : Iconic.


I met Noah from Chiddy Bang last week before the first Chiddy Bang concert in Berlin. Chiddy was unfortunately not there but Noah talked about their new Album : Breakfast, about how often he argues with chiddy and about his dream to dj sometimes soon in Berlin.


I met Orlando from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs a few weeks ago for an interview.

He talked about the idea behind Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, about beeing bored of the music scene and about dressing up for going on stage.


I met Woodkid during fashion week, after his live gig at the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac show and had a few minutes to ask him some questions. In the Interview, he talks about his upcoming album, his work for artist like Katy Perry or Rihanna and of course about Fashion.


Ich habe Woodkid nach seinen live Auftritt auf die Jean Charles de Casltelbajac show während die Paris Fashion Week getroffen. Er redet über sein neues Album : The Golden Age, über seine Arbeit für andere Künstler wie Katy Perry oder Rihanna, und natürlich auch ein bisschen über Mode.

J’ai pu rencontré Woodkid pour une interview après le défilé JCDC qui a eu lieu lors de la fashion week de Paris. Il nous parle de son album à venir, The Golden Age, de son travail pour des artistes comme Katy Perry ou Rihanna, et biensûr un peu de mode.

Viel Spass!

We met We Have Band (WHB) last week for a little interview. They talked about their new album, Ternion, that is “more serious” than their first Album. About beeing on Tour and about what they plan to do Next.


We met Dillon yesterday for an interview at About Blank in Berlin.

She talked about her first album that has been released on Bpitch Control and her first tour that has been mostly sold out.

If you missed to see her live this time, she will be back in February.

Enjoy the interview and don’t miss the GIF we did!

I met Spank Rock last week while he was on tour in Berlin. We had a small talk about his new album : Everything is boring and everyone is a f*** liar, that he produced on his own label Bad Blood records with Boys Noize. He explained what pisses him off in the music industry, talked about style and about beeing the face of the Alexander Wang T Collection with his bestfriend Santigold.