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hello hello!! after a few weeks where there was not sooo much on going on here, i am finally back!! I was busy renovating my new apartment but not i am finish so here you go i am back with a new look.

I am wearing the Vannah patchwork denim biker jacket by Tommy Hilfiger from the Spring Summer Collection. Tommy Hilfiger is doing a tribute to denim and asked us to do a throwback denim moment. The first moment that came to my mind is THIS PICTURE! in which Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake went for an all denim look at the American Music Awards back in 2001.

For the #throwbackdenim project i decided to recreate a all denim look. You too can share your denim memory on instagram with the hashtag #throwbackdenim or hilfigerdenim. To win there is a trip to California!!

I am wearing :
Jacket : Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans : Asos
Shoes : Pavement
Sunglasses : Chicwish


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amandine fashion blogger berlin germany outfit tommy hilfiger throwbackdenim patchwork denim biker jacket vannah

Tommy Hilfiger patchwork denim biker jacket vannah

amandine fashion blogger berlin germany tommy hilfiger throwbackdenim

espadrille black wild leather pavement vikki


Another item I styled for Tommy Hilfiger is this shirt from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

I went for a boho-chic look that is perfect for fall.

What do you think of the look?

I am wearing :
Shirt : Tommy Hilfiger
Waistcaost : Pull & Bear
Jean : H&M
Shoes : Zara (2012)


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A little fall preview, that goes perfect with the weather.

I was asked by Tommy Hilfiger to style this Milan jeans from the Fall 2013 Collection. I choose to mix this piece with my favorite coat from last spring to give the outfit some colors.

Hope you like the look.

I am wearing :
Coat & top : Zara (Spring 2013)
Jeans : Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes : Zara
Bag : Zara
Necklace : Vintage


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On Day 4 i also had the chance to go backstage at Tommy Hilfiger where I have seen my favorite model Jordan Dunn. Also Cara Delevingne was there but there i wasn’t lucky enough to catch her do one of her famous funny face.

The collection was really similar the the men collection I have seen a few days before, with lots of houndstooth and prince of Wales checks. Tommy Hilfiger created a classic preppy look but with a rock’n'roll touch .

I am a huge fan of the accessories also. The shoes and bags were chic and beautiful and i could imagine wear them on a daily basis!

I am afraid i am a bit slow updating the blog with all New York Fashion Week News but as you can imagine, i am pretty busy and for once i prefer spend time doing things outside in the cold as in front of my computer ;)

On day 2, so Friday, a big snow storm was announced and as planned the weather was pretty bad. No snow but a lot of rain during the morning and the afternoon so that it was just not possible to do something outside. I decided to catch up with a friend of mine from Switzerland who is visiting her boyfriend in New York those days. We decided to go to the theater and watch a 3D movie. We choose to watch Top Gun with Tom Cruise and eat popcorn with lots of liquid butter! The movie wasn’t bad at all and I even recommend you to download the movie soundtrack somewhere as it is full of really great 80′s tracks!!!

After this i went to see the Tommy Hilfiger Men show on the Upper East Side (almost felt like Serena from Gossip Girl ;) ). I was wearing : A sweater from Asos, a pants from sara and shoes from Mango from the summer 2012 collection.

The Tommy Hilfiger show was great. The location looked like an old library. Boys were wearing timeless pieces with prince of wales and houndstooth prints. I personally had a big crush on the bags and on the bomber and motorcycle jackets that gave the collection a rock’n'roll touch.

After the show i went with Maurizio from Mau Fashion to eat a burger at five Guys? Really a place i recommend if you go to New York for cheap but tasty burgers. After dinner we went to a game center close to our hotel in case the storm would arrive suddenly. The storm wasn’t a storm though. Just lots of rain and snow but i know worse from Berlin!!


Me at the theatre

The Theatre where we went to see Top Gun 3D

Me at the Tommy Hilfiger Show

At Tommy Hilfiger

Mr Tommy Hilfiger!!

At Five Guys Burger

Me feeling wary New Yorkish while eating a burger


What they call a storm…

Me at the game center

While waiting for my flight to Paris i had a look at my iPhone pictures to see what i did this year. I did so much i didn”t even remember this was this year.

2012 definitely was a great year, with lot of experiences, travels and people, especially bloggers that i had the chance to meet.

2012 started very well as Adidas Originals for the launch of their News For Original Girls platform gave me the opportunity to report on Berlin Fashion Week in a very fun way back in January and again in July.

Then Fashion week again, i went to Paris Fashion week in March where I had the chance to the Maison Martin Margiela Show as well as the fashion show of my favorite designer Paco Rabanne and as well had a great time with Kiki from The Randon Noise and Magdalena from Hoard of Trends. Again i went to Paris fashion week in September and I met the lovely Vicky from The Golden Bun.

New York Fashion Week was a highlight too, I went to see shows go Tommy Hilfiger, Y-3, Mara Hoffman and more but New York City definitely was the biggest highlight of 2012. I was planning this trip for years and it finally happened. I was not disappointed, NYC is a great city and i can’t wait to go back soon. Next time i hope i won’t lost myself that much anymore and start feeling like a real NYC Girl!

Madrid was the second highlight of this year. This also is a city i never went to before. I didn’t expected much but i was really surprise by the beauty of the city. Thank to Swatch for making this possible.

London stays my favorite city, there isn’t a place in Europe that is more fun and better for shopping than London. Speaking for Shopping it was so nice to discover the office there and see how my favorite online shop ASOS works.

It was also nice to go back to my roots and have a little time with my family in France in Brittany more exactly. I totally forgot how it was to have holidays in m own country, forgetting about the french habits and seafood. This is definitely something that i plan to do agin in 2013.

Austria has seen me too, I discovered the Giant of Wattens on Pinterest and this was on my list of things to see before i die, thanks to Samsung and Swarovski i have seen him this August after the Samsung SII presentation.

And last but not least, i discovered Germany went to Frankfurt 2 times in one week in November for the MTV EMA’s and then for a funny workshop with Skoda, to DΓΌsseldorf to discover the C&A spring/Summer 2013 collection (Cindy Crawford was there, my 90′s favorite model), to Munich for the launch of Debenhams in Germany and to Hamburg where I could have my hair cut by Armin Morbach ( i didn’t cut my hair as i was too scared, and i think it was the right decision).

I hope 2013 will be as good as 2012 but i have to say i am a bit scared as 13 always brought my family and I bad luck. But i like to think that 2013 will be different. Cross fingers!

I wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a good start in 2013!!!

News for Original Girls project back in January

News for Original Girls project back in July

In Frankfurt with Skoda – Driving with Heels

London as the ASOS headquarters

In Munich for the launch of Debenhams

Holidays in France

Holidays in France

In Madrid with Swatch

Paris Fashion Week at Maison Martin Margiela

MTV EMA’s in Frankfurt

New York in Central Park

New York at Tommy Hilfiger

New York, View from the Canoe Studios

In Austria with Swarovski and Samsung

The Giant of Wattens

In Hamburg with Schwarzkopf