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Advertisement – Relaxing moments with Nuxe

The end of the year can be quite a stressful period. It is that time where everyone runs everywhere in order to prepare Christmas, where everyone is stressed about what to do for New Years Eve but also where there is everything to finish work wise before the new year starts. Quite stressful for the mind but also for the skin.
I remember my mum never let anyone stress her. She always told me to keep calm when everyone freaks out. When my family would stress her about what to eat or what to buy for Christmas she would just go for a walk and return later on when everyone has calmed down. I guess this is one of the best thing I learn. This, and to put a moisturizing cream on my face every single day (my mum never missed this skin ritual).
When Christmas and all the madness is there, I take that exact moment to relax. I create my own cocooning moment. There are three things I do when I feel the stress coming. I go for a walk to keep my head fresh, I book a spa appointment and I try to have some me time at home. Skinwise, also with the weather being quite extreme on top of all I always carry with me a lip cream. I recently tried the one from Nuxe : Rêve de miel that is made out of honey.

For my body and for my hair I use the huile prodigieuse by Nuxe. It is to me one of the best oil on the market, I use it already since three years. It smells like heaven because of the monoi that is inside, and this year it came out with a new formula with anti aging effects.
Tip : if you need to give your skin some colour use the Nuxe huile prodigieuse gold for some gold shimmers. Perfect on your decolleté and legs if you have to show them 🙂

If you are still looking for a Christmas gift for a girlfriend or a sister, mum, cousin, etc Huile Prodigieuse is the perfect gift! 😉

Finally for my face I started using Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté. It is a cream serie that moisturizes dry skin for 48h, it is made out of a mask, serum and day creams composed with plant milk and algae.
My favorite produkte is the mask because it has a very smooth consistency. I mostly feel like some mask are too thick and over hydrate my face but this one is just perfectly right.