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Interview with Kermit Tesoro

In Japan but in many other places in Asia, a fashion week take place and talents are big. Today we are sharing with you an interview with Kermit Tesoro.

I first fall in love with Kermit Tesoro’s shoes and then wanted to see more. No disappointment, the all collection that he presented at Philippines Fashion Week is amazing and I couldn’t avoid myself comparing his work to the one and only Alexander McQueen. Even our occidental magazines did so and compared him not just to Mac Queen but also to the work of Martin Margiela.

That’s why I contacted him for an interview. Hope that you will like it and also hope that you will as me, fall in love with the few pieces that I “stole” on whokilledbambi and



Kermit, you presented your 2010 Holiday Collection at the last Philippine Fashion week, can you talk about you, what you did before and your experience at the Philippine Fashion week?

Before it came about, there was a big hunting for materials, studies, execution feasibilities and lots of experiments.

You collaborated with the artist Leenoy New for the Collection, can you talk about this work?

This time not only the shoes but also the clothes in this collection are, say, more “synthetic”. We basically merged two or more materials per piece to improve its physical property. Our pieces are made from different materials. And having him as a collaborator, his expertise in sculpting and with his medium made the collection more outwitting. And I’m glad that we both worked with new and better materials.

How would you describe your collection? Did you have a story to tell?

Basically to create something more anatomical and clinical but accessible. The collection tackles about amalgamation of sci-fi mythology and genetic expectations. making an all white/ecru/off-white/nude collection is an appropriate palette to show our design methods and its details while the over arching subject of futurism is provided to disparate but death-defying materials to create a subtle tension from its thematic detail and the materials that expresses them.

Your collection has been compared to the work of Alexander McQueen or Martin Margiela. Are these designers an inspiration in what you are doing?

Both of them are simply iconic in the field of avant-garde fashion design, being compared to these icons is gratifying and i believe that they have their own design principles and I happen to be an advocate and practitioner of the same insurgency.

What is your own favorite look in your 2010 Holiday collection?
Every look is important; it’s all about the progression of the pieces.

What are your next projects? Would you like to show/developp your work in Europe?

I’m still developing new design for just a small collection. spring/summer is the time to water down my dark relapse. I also plan to exhibit and work with more creative people. Europe is another story, I’ve been longing to study fashion abroad and be able to attend workshops or internship in fashion design, especially in London. I’ve always been thinking about Central St. Martins. I hope so, if I can only suffice to.

Beside your work, could you talk about the Philippine Fashion Week ? About its role in the world of fashion and the future of fashion there.

Philippine fashion is like our local training ground and I think Philippine Fashion Week is like our Fashion Olympics except of competition. Locally, our fashion industry is becoming more progressive and commercially it hasn’t been embraced by the public yet but agents like local fashion magazines, local bloggers, stylists, buyers or just an observer; they all serve as a driving force to young fashion designers and students to improve their skills and be challenged to flow along with the fast phasing current of the fashion worldwide.