Bench – How to style my Hoodie

If there is one piece of clothing everyone has got, it is most probably a hoodie.

Bench asked me, how to style my hoodie. The reason is, Bench started the company by selling hoodies 25 years ago!! At this occasion Bench organized a little photo shooting in which we styled our hoodie!

Reason why I have a weird face on some pictures : It is a bit difficult for me to be comfortable in front of white wall I always say, I would never get a picture if I would attend Germany’s Next Top Model 😀 I hope you like the pictures still 🙂

You can also share the way you style your hoodie with #howtostylemyhoodie and #lovemyhood on Instagram.

I am wearing :

Bench Rollneck Addition sweater
Bench aqueduct hoodie
Bench finite hoodie


Bench_11 Bench_22 Bench_23 Bench_38 Bench_40 Bench_41 Bench_groupe_02 Bench_groupe_05