Berlin Fashion Week : Casting for the Isabell de Hillerin show

isabell de hillerin casting step 1

I think that most of you have watched things like Germany’s next top model or America’s next top model and have a little idea of how a casting looks like. But is a casting exactly like what we see on TV?

To get the answer i went to visit Isabell de Hillerin‘s Atelier who was looking for models to walk her show during Berlin fashion Week this week.

Isabell de Hillerin and her team are looking for around 15 girls. Part of the new collection will be inspired by men clothes so they are looking for rather androgyn girls than cute girls.

The girls are coming from Germany but also some of them travelled from their home countries and take the casting for the Berlin Fashion Week shows. Indeed, first the agency send the girls that are in town to the casting but some designers also book girls from all over the world, just by having a look at their book. Those same girls are sent to other castings as well so they can walk not only one but maybe several shows.

See all steps of a casting below.

isabell de hillerin casting step 2


Isabell de Hillerin’s team have a look at the girls book and then make them walk in the shoes they would wear if they walk the show. This is actually the first selection at the casting. After the walk, the team decides if the girl should try on some clothes or not.  step3

isabell de hillerin casting step 4





All those steps are for pre-selection, after the team has seen all girls, they decide who is going to walk the show. This is actually a long process. Even if they had some girls in mind already, they will do a last selection based on the video and pictures they took during the casting.