Berlin through the Grainy Film Art Filter of the Olympus Pen Camera

This weekend i was invited by Olympus to test their brand new camera the Olympus Pen. I generally use my Canon to take pictures either it’s for my outfit pictures or when i travel. The thing with the Canon is that, each time i complain that ok it does good pictures but i always have to carry such a big and heavy camera. All the more so as i only use one option, the automatic without flash one….

The Olympus Pen Digital camera on the opposite, is small and light with a great vintage design that i loved! So that you can carry it with you everywhere even in your smallest bag!!

I was a bit skeptical if it would make beautiful pictures though!! But it does!! Together with fashion photographer Joachim Baldauf we went through Berlin and he helped us use the camera properly. And it does beautiful pictures and for all of you who love to put a filter on their pictures, the camera also all was you to do so as there are a few filter integrated in the camera

+ we bloggers are a strange type of people, we first take one pictures with the camera and then one with the phone (instagram-sickness)… Olympus created an App that you can download so that the pictures you do with your camera are transferred on your phone! GENIUS!!

Anyway, together with Anne from Les Attitudes, Kathrin from Nie Wunschfrei and Nadine from Style Taxi we had a guided tout of Berlin, with was very interessant even in I live in Berlin since years now as our guide was hilarious and had great anecdote on Berlin and Germany’s history!

Below you will see a few pictures i took during the tour with my favorite filter : the Grainy film Art Filter.


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