Favourite Online Shops – #1: Sheinside

Sheinside asked me if I want to do a selection of a few articles I like on their website for my blog and i though that maybe it would be a good idea to show you also my favorite shops.

So from this week i will show you, once a week where i like to shop online. There will be a few as i don’t like to shop in stores that much anymore. I only go to big retailers like H&M, Zara, etc and do online shopping.

The biggest reason is that i don’t like the fact that when i enter a shop the seller always want to sell me something even if the clothes don’t fit me… And as i don’t like annoy people, i generally end up buying something… What a waste of money!

The reason why I like Sheinside is that they have designer look a like pieces that are not expensive at all. You can always find a shirt, a jeans or a dress with a little “Je ne said quoin” that i love some much!

Below an example of a few new top that I really like. My favorite is the Banana/Chanel T-shirt!

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