Traveling to Jordan – Part 1 : Practical tips + Amman & Jerash

Hi everyone, it took me a while but today I am finally sharing my experience about traveling to Jordan with you. I will give you some practical tips while traveling in Jordan as well as my first days in Jordan that I spent in Amman and Jerash.

In Part two, I will share with you my experience in Wadi Rum, Petra and at the Dead Sea.

Practical tips for Jordan

How do I get to Jordan?

You can fly to Jordan from everywhere but I found it convenient to combine my travel to Jordan with my trip to Israel. You can fly with Royal Jordan from Tel Aviv to Amman in 30 minutes or go via car but it will take you more time and the border control is not open all day long.

Is Jordan safe? / Is Jordan safe for women?

I know many people are scared to travel to the Middle East because of the political situation but I did not feel unsafe at any moment while traveling. I would say that Jordan is not unsafer than Europe right know. As a woman I also know how to behave in the middle east, I avoid short clothes and to go out on my own late at night. I never had a problem while being there, I never felt oppressed or harassed.

How to get around in Jordan?

This is a little bit tricky. You can go on a group tour but if you travel on your own you will have to rent the services of a guide and a driver. This can be as expensive as 200dollars a day but totally worth it if you want to see more of Jordan and if you want to take your time to see things.

Is Jordan expensive?

Jordan is quite expensive, actually I felt like it similar prices than the one we have in Berlin.

What to do in Jordan?

There are a lot of things to do in Jordan. The most famous site are : Amman, Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea but also Aqaba in the very south.

Traveling to Jordan – One day in Amman

After we landed in Amman, we directly checked in into our hotel, the Intercontinental, a 5 star hotel in in the center of Amman. Price for a night is around 120Euros. As all the 5 stars in Jordan, for those wondering about safety, they operate special control while entering the hotel.

After our check in we ate hummus at the oldest restaurant in Amman, Hashed Al Balam, where also the king of Jordan often goes. It is a very simple restaurant but the quality is very good. After lunch we went to see the Roman theater that is very well preserved in the middle of the city and then we went to the Hercules temple that is very impressive and that offers a breathtaking view over the city. It is perfect to go there at sunset.

For dinner we went to a very good restaurant : Sufra, where we tasted traditional Jordanian food.

The Roman theatre in Amman
Traveling to Jordan Amman city roman theatre

Traveling to Jordan one day in Amman roman theatre travel blogger Traveling to Jordan one day in Amman Traveling to Jordan people Amman

Hercules temple in Amman
Traveling to Jordan one day in Amman Hercules temple

View over the city from the Hercules temple
Amman city Jordan german travel blogger

Traveling to Jordan one day in Amman

Dinner at Sufra
Traveling to Jordan one day in Amman Sufra restaurant

Traditional food (from top to bottom): Sajeya (chicken with oignons fried with vegetable oil), Kofta (beef and lamb cooked with tahini sauce and potatoes, Mansaf (rice with lamm cooked with goat yoghurt)
Traveling to Jordan one day in Amman Sufra restaurant

Traveling to Jordan – Visiting Jerash

On our second day we took a 30 minutes trip north from Amman to visit Jordan’s best preserved roman site in the world and second most famous tourist destination after Petra : Jerash.

It is a great place to see how a roman city looked liked.

Entrance is and 10JD and a visit will take you around 2 hours.

roman city Jerash Jordan traditional music roman city Jerash Jordan roman city Jerash Jordan german travel blogger in Jerash Jordan

*ADVERTISEMENT – This trip was organized by Visit Jordan
** All opinions are my own