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Some of you might know Cinq Mondes because of their spa that they have a bit all over the world. The products they use in the spa are also for sale and they give you a real home spa feeling.
Cinq Mondes is created by Jean-Louis Poiroux and his wife Nathalie Bouchon Poiroux who both were inspired by their travel and the beauty treatments from around the world to create their products and spa treatments. The ingredients used in those practice are also the one that you can find in the Cinq Mondes products.

For example, The Exfoliant Graines et Fleurs has been formulated from a traditional cosmetic preparation used by Balinese princesses since the 17th century. Made from Diatomaceous earth micro-particles, mild Tropical Flower acids (Hibiscus, Gardenia, White Lily), Kemiri Oil and organic Turmeric, it refines the skin’s texture, purifies and brightens the complexion.

While the 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment was inspired by Wu Zetian Beauty Rituals and the Traditional Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

I am a fan of all Cinq Mondes body care products. I highly recommend to check out their products as they are 100% natural and if you are ever in one of the Cinq Mondes spa, do get a treatment!!!

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