One week in Madeira, 10 things to do

One week in Madeira, 10 things to do

In today’s article I want to share with you my one week in Madeira via 10 things to do.

Madeira is an Island that belongs to Portugal but fun fact, it is situated closer to the African continent than from Portugal. Indeed, it is 580 km west of Morocco and 980 km southwest of Lisbon, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

To get there, I flew with Tap Portugal and had a stopover in Lisbon. Actually Tap Portugal offers a very good opportunity to stay up to 3 days in Lisbon or Porto on your way to Madeira. read about this option here. And if you need tips, read my article about Porto and Lisbon.

Now back to Madeira. I spent one week in Madeira and here comes my top 10 things to do while on the Island.

During our trip we didn’t take any tour. It is much better to rent a car and visit the Island on your own. We rented our car at Driving Madeira.

Go on a hike

With it’s lush mountains, Madeira is perfect to experience nature. One of the many things you can do on the island to enjoy the many different landscape is hiking. I went on 3 different hikes during my stay in Madeira.

On the very first day I went on a hike in Machico, on the east side of the Island. I took the Vereda da Ponta de Sao Lourenco trail. It is a 3 hours round trip walk (I walked quite slow and stopped many times to take pictures) that takes you through different kind of landscapes. From cliffs to more arid landscape with almost no trees and that are unique to this part of the Island. This trail was my favorite trail.

Vereda da Ponta de Sao Lourenco Hike Madeira

Vereda da Ponta de Sao Lourenco hike Madeira palm trees

Vereda da Ponta de Sao Lourenco Hike Madeira Vereda da Ponta de Sao Lourenco Hike Madeira

Vereda da Ponta de Sao Lourenco hike Madeira Portugal

My second favorite trail was Pico de Arieiro. I am not sure what was nicer the way up there. Driving through the cloud or once there where we took a walk above the clouds.

On the way don’t miss to stop at Eira de Serrado, it takes you a little out of your way but it is totally worth it. From there you have a view over Curral de Freiras a village in the mountains.

blogger Pico de Arieiro madeira above the clouds

Pico de Arieiro Madeira above the clouds

Nun's valley Madeira above the clouds

Finally, we also went for hiking at Levada do Risco that took us to an impressive waterfall before going down to Levada das 25 fontes where you can admire a spring logoon. More than the lagoon itself I was impressed by the way going there through the laurel forest.

Levada das 25 fontes Laurel forest

Levada das 25 fontes hike Madeira

travel blogger Levada do Risco Madeira hike

Have an afternoon tea at the Belmond
I already wrote an article about the Belmond in Madeira. If you don’t stay there don’t be shy and go there for a tea or an evening drink. This is where I drunk the best Madeira wine on the island 😉

afternoon tea The Belmond Reid's palace Funchal Madeira

afternoon tea bloggers at The Belmond Reid's palace Funchal Madeira

Eat in a Museum

On our last evening, Chloe and I went for dinner at the design center Nini Andrade Silva. Nini Andrade Silva is one of the most prestigious interior designers in the world and was born in madeira. In the design center, she created a space with a permanent exhibition showing her work but also telling the history and culture of Madeira Island and its strong connection to the history of the sea. The design center has also a store, a cafeteria-lounge and a restaurant with Chef Julio Pereira´s signature who has had a passion for many years of creating modern interpretations of classic regional and Atlantic cuisine.”

restaurant design center Nini Andrade Silva Madeira

restaurant design center Nini Andrade Silva Madeira

food 2 restaurant design center Nini Andrade Silva Madeira

food 2 restaurant design center Nini Andrade Silva Madeira

Take a tour to see dolphins

Because of it geographic situation, Madeira is perfect to observe cetaceans. Indeed, at a distance of 5 km from the coast, the sea already reaches a depth of 3000 ml. Therefore you don’t need to go far with the beat to see dolphins and other species. We took a 2,5 hours tour at the Rota dos Cetaceos. We saw many dolphins and 3 sperm whales. Depending on the season you might be lucky to see even more species.

Unfortunately I don’t have a diving licence but diving is also supposed to be great in Madeira. Again, because of the sea depth, you are able to sea many fishes and other sea animals.

Dolphin watching Madeira

Eat typical Madeira food
First I would suggest you to taste Madeira wine. It is fortified wine and a speciality from the island. It is deliciously sweet and is perfect as an aperitif or for dessert. The Belmond is definitely a good address to taste madeira wine. A good idea would also be to take a wine tour and enjoy wine tasting. 

For food I can share with you two good tips. One in Funchal at Chalet Vicente where we ate the typical bolo do caco, a garlic bread, as well as mussels, tuna and espetada, a typical Portuguese dish made of large chunks of beef rubbed in garlic and salt, and skewered onto a bay leaf stick cooked over hot coals or wood chips. SO GOOD!!

Madeira typical food

Another good tips is Atrio hotel, for lunch or dinner in a romantic setting. There we ate espada (black scabbard fish) with banana.

Typical food Madeira

Go to Monte with the cable car and go down by tobbogan
What is not to miss when in Funchal is to go up to Monte. To go up you can go either by car or by funicular. We were walking in the city so we decided to go by cable car to Monte. Since Madeira has go a lot of mountains, cable car are really a thing on the island but the mist popular one is the one going to Monte. To go dow you can walk (it is a very long way), you can take the cable car again or you can go down by toboggan. The monte toboggan are a real thing in Madeira, and believe it or not it use to be public transportation in the 19th century! How cool?!

cable car Monte Madeira monte Toboggan Funchal Madeira

blogger toboggan Monte Madeira

Go to the market in Funchal – Mercado do Lavrador
Wherever I go I love to visit markets. It is a good way to discover the culture of a country.
The market is open from Monday to Saturday. What not to miss are the women in traditional clothes selling flowers as well as the fish part of the market. There for example you see the black scabbard fish that I talked about above and that is a very common eat in Madeira. A good way to see what is all in the atlantic ocean 😉

Mercado do Lavrados market Funcha 4

Mercado do Lavrador market Funchal Madeira

Mercado do Lavrados market Funcha

Go see the typical houses in Santana
In Santana you will find Madeira’s typical triangular houses built of wood and thatched with straw. Those houses are only kept as a museum in Santana now but used to be everywhere on the island.
As you will see those houses only in one street it is best to combine this visit with something else that is in the area.

Madeira typical houses Santana

Swim in one of the natural pools in Porto Moniz
Unfortunately it was too cold the day we have been in Porto Moniz so we didn’t swim in the natural swimming pools but it is definitely a thing to do if the weather is good.

If you visit in June don’t miss the Atlantic Festival
It is a set of initiatives spread throughout the month of June, with emphasis on the pyromusical shows. For example you can watch the fireworks directly from the port or from the bar of the Belmond (while sipping a Madeira wine :))

Atlantic Festival Madeira Portugal

* Unpaid advertisement – This trip was organized by Visit Madeira