South of France – Esterel massif and the best beaches along the Corniche d’Or

Recently I spent some vacation in South of France. I stayed in an apartment in the Esterel massif and took this opportunity to explore the region. In today’s article you will find a guide to the Esterel massif and the best stops on the Corniche d’Or, one of France’s most beautiful road.

First thing first, if you go to South of France I would suggest to rent a car. We rented our car at Budget (get 15% OFF your next rental with the code : L820200) and drove all the way from Düsseldorf to the Côte d’Azur aka the french Rivieira. It is the best way to enjoy everything South of France has to offer. Indeed, there are many things to see and all are not far from each others. They are quite easy to access and the serpentine roads are quite funny to drive.

So let’s go on a road trip together.

A guide to the Esterel massif : 

Les Adrets de l’Esterel and the Saint Cassien lake

Les Adrets de l’Esterel is where we had our apartment. It is a very cute and typical village of South of France situated in the mountains and 30 minutes from the best beaches. From les Adrets the l’Esterel, you can also access the artificial Saint Cassien lake that is a perfect alternative to the (crowded) beaches. We rented an Ebike at Moovbike and went for a ride in the forest around the lake. From there you can access the Fondurane Ecological Reserve from which you can observe 182 different species of birds. If you decide to enjoy the lake’s turquoise water, you can also decide to swim, go on a pedalo or do some stand up paddling. You can find all activities HERE.

Outdoor blogger ebike saint cassien lake France Saint Cassien lake

Mont Vinaigre

The Esterel massif is perfect to go on a hike. The Mont Vinaigre is the highest point in the region and perfect for a hike. There are many places from where you can start a hike in the Esterel region but the hike to Mont Vinaigre was advised to me by many locals. From there you will have a view over the forest but also over the coast.

You can access by car and then hike up for around 45 minutes. In the summer time some part of the Esterel can be closed because of fire going on so inform yourself before going.You will find a map with all informations HERE.

Mont Vinaigre ©Estérel Côte d'Azur (26) Mont Vinaigre ©Estérel Côte d'Azur (10)

Don’t miss the Palais Bulles (Bubble Palace)

The Palais Bulles is a very interesting for it’s architecture. It is not open to public but it is still nice to go see it from outside.

Palais Bulles Palais Bulles

Discover the perched villages

Back in the middle age, people would build their home in the mountains so that it would be difficult for attackers to access. From this time are 8 villages left. All are pretty impressive for their settings and you will find also some medieval architecture like castles, chapels, churches etc..

Not to miss :
Have lunch or dinner at “La gloire de mon père” in Seillans
Go to Mons for Sunset over the Côte d’Azur.

Seillans ©Estérel Côte d'Azur (9)-min TanneronVue30-min

Take the Corniche d’Or for a scenery drive

We rented a car at Budget so it was super easy to go around and explore the area, one of the most beautiful road to take is the Corniche d’Or that is going from the city of Fréjus to the City of Mandelieu la Napoule. It runs alongside red-ochre rocks and the mediterranean coast with breathtaking views over the sea. Some parts of the road even makes you feel like you are somewhere in Nevada. There is a reason one this road is one of the most beautiful road in France. Also the many serpentines make it very fun to drive.

Corniche d'Or road Esterel Massif Budget car rental Corniche d'Or road road Esterel France Road trip south of France Corniche d'Or road

The best beaches along the Corniche d’Or

Along the Corniche d’Or you will also find some of the nicest beaches. I will pass on the public and very touristic beaches and I will rather concentrate on some creek mostly known by locals only.

At pointe de l’Aiguille you will find 2 creek and 1 nudist beach both accessible from the Corniche d’Or. Coming from Théoule sur Mer you will pass the town as well as the main beaches and you will park after the road climb. There is one small parking from which you can access a small way that will lead you to the beaches (20 minutes). The easiest way, with stairs will lead you to the pointe de l’Aiguille creek, while the other creek and the nudist beach are more difficult to access as you will have to climb the rocks.

Pointe de l'aiguille théoule sur mer Plage de la Gardanne Pointe de l'aiguille esterel Var France Plage de la Gardanne théoule sur mer

Calanque de Saint Barthélémy

The Saint Barthélémy creek is by far my favorite spot. It is again situated along the Corniche d’Or. Turn on your GPS to know exactly where to stop and park your car along the road. For this creek you should pack with you flippers, mask and snorkel as you can do some nice snorkeling. The beach is quite small but it was never too crowded and you have an amazing setting with the typical red-ochre rocks of the area in the background.

Corniche d'Or Calanque de Saint Barthélemy Esterel Var France Saint barthélemy beach Esterel Var France Plage de Saint Barthélemy Esterel Var

Calanque de Maubois

Calanque de Maubois is also situated along the Corniche d’Or. It is the only beach accessible by bus. The bus stops right in front of the stairway leading to the beach. If you come by car, like always, you can park along the road for free. With it’s easy access it is the perfect beach for families. Also the sea is not that deep so that children can go in the water on their own.

Calanque de Maubois Calanque de Maubois Var France Plage de Maubois

Note that all beaches mentionned above have no facilities like restaurant, WC, etc but in the high season a boat from which you can buy sandwiches, ice cream and drinks stops every 2 hours.

Public beaches : 

Along the Corniche d’Or you will find some public beaches. I don’t like crowded beaches so I did not explore them all.

Plage des Baumettes

Plage des Baumettes (Baumettes beach) is situated next to Agay. There we rented a SUP and a kayak at Paddle House. Many of the most beautiful creek are accessible only from the sea. Plage des Baumettes is the perfect start for a Kayak tour as from there you can explore 3 of those creek plus one small Island. Here again pack your flippers, mask and snorkel!

SUP Agay paddle House Kayak Esterel Agay Kayak Agay Esterel France

The landing beach of the Dramont and ïle d’Or

Another famous beach is the landing beach of the Dramont where the GI’s landed during WWII. There is not much left from the history on this beach, just a memorial but it is still very touristic. Many people come for the history or to go on the Ile d’Or right in front of the beach. This island is what inspired Hergé for The Black Island in Hergé’s The Adventures of Tintin series.

To be honest, even though it is quite interesting for it historic point of view, I am not a big fan of this beach as it is quite crowded and the pebbles on the beach are very big and therefore not so comfortable to lay on.

*Pictures : Me and Esterel tourism

** Article written in Collaboration with Budget