Denim Blouse, Patchwork jeans and Gold Glitter jelly Slipper

Finally Spring seems to be around the corner. So I said Adieu to Boots and Booties (well maybe they will have another chance) and I said hello to my new plastic shoes i found on New Look!! Love that they are glitter gold!! From now on you will probably see me a lot with slippers as they are my favorite for Spring. I even like to exchange my heels for them. If this isn’t called love?!

I also said hello to a jeans i was obsessed with since i saw it in a magazine a few weeks ago. When i say obsessed it was really an obsession as I went to 3 H&M in Berlin and 4 H&M in Paris to find it!! Love this patchwork jeans so much!!

It is also the first time i wear creole earrings in years.I forgot how pretty they are!!! (Unfortunately you don’t see them much on the picture).

So i was wearing :
Blue Patchwork jeans : H&M Conscious (Similar HERE)
Denim shirt : Vintage (Similar HERE)
Plastic loafers : Juju Gold Jelly Shoes (Similar HERE)
Creole Earrings : New Look


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