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LivingWell Health Club & Spa – Chocolate rasul and Elemis facial treatment


For today’s world wellness day I have a tip for you if you want to relax in Berlin : LivingWell Health Club & Spa at the Hilton hotel in Berlin. Recently I went there for a facial and a chocolate rasul treatment.

The LivingWell Health Club spa at Hilton Berlin uses Elemis products. Elemis is a UK brand that is known for over 25 years for it’s products made from the power of nature and science to create ground-breaking formulations.

As I said before, I started with a facial. A facial is a treatment everyone can get, from a teenager age until a more mature age. Depending on how much external stress factors you skin is confronted to, you would need to do a facial more or less often. In general a facial once a month would be enough. During a facial, your face will be cleaned, exfoliated, you will have a mask, a massage and more. The whole treatment aim to increases skin hydration and increase cell renewal.

At the LivingWell Health Club & Spa I had a 1 hour pro collagen facial, using many of the Elemis products. I have a pretty good skin but I definitely needed a cleanse and a little extra moisturizing as I am very lazy at doing this every day. I use a day cream and a night cream but to be honest I don’t use anything else, no primer, no toner, no mask etc. So from time to time, I really need someone who give my face all it needs.

I really liked the Elemis Gentle Rose exfoliator that felt very soft on my skin and did not have a scratchy feeling.

as well as the Elemis Pro-Collagen marine mask made out of a rare seaweed : Padina Pavonica with proven outstanding anti-ageing benefits.

Finally while having my mask on, I got a hand massage with the Elemis frangipani monoi body oil and it smelled fantastic!

Chocolate-razul-and-facial-at-Hilton-Spa-Berlin Chocolate-razul-and-facial-at-Hilton-Spa-Berlin Chocolate-razul-and-facial-at-Hilton-Spa-Berlin

After my facial, I tried another speciality of the Hilton health club, a chocolate rasul treatment. I have never heard of it before so I was very curious to experience this treatment. In a steam room, a martini glass full of chocolate was waiting for me. The spa hostess told me to put the chocolate all over my body. Which I did. I felt a bit weird doing this at first, but chocolate is packed with antioxidants and contains various essential nutrients that are good for the skin. For 20 minutes, the steam room got hotter which made the chocolate slowly melt on my skin. At the end of the 20 minutes the rain shower started, so that I could clean the chocolate off my skin. The dead skin cells was removed and my circulation increased. A very cool experience and the perfect gift for any women who likes to pamper herself!!

Cost : 33Euros


Health Living Club at Hilton Hotel Berlin

Mohrenstraße 30
10117, Berlin

*Unpaid Advertisement – I was invited by Elemis to test their Spa