Last week was the launch of the #EUandME campaign in Berlin at Monbijoupark. The occasion to celebrate Europe and the opportunity to understand better what Europe and what being European means to us.

During the event, beside a lot of fun including games, free pizzas and the crazy smoothiebike, 5 short movies made from directors from the different EU countries were shown and showcased their own vision of Europe.

Mobility is a very personal subject to me. I indeed moved to Berlin 10 years ago and I get often asked how it was to do so. To be honest it was quite easy and this is thanks to the EU regulations that we have. I had no problem finding a job as I have a master of arts from a french university that was recognize in Germany, I don’t need a work visa as I am from another European country and the work laws and conditions are similar to the one in France as we are in Europe. Europe is more than geography, it is an opportunity and a security for all of the people that are part of it.

Actually, many things we use and do on a daily basis are a result of Europe. From the food you eat, the cosmetics you use, the trips you take, etc

I strongly recommend to head over to the EUandMe website to understand what Europe is about and why it is important to care about it especially for us young people. All movies presented during the EU and Me event in Berlin are on the website and showcases the pillar of Europe that are : mobility, sustainability, skills and business, digital and rights.