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My favourite green spot in Berlin – Nature remix with Strongbow

Picnic Berlin Strongbow Cider preview

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I did a picnic with some friends this weekend in Berlin.

I am away quite often so when I am back in Berlin I love to meet with friends for a little get together with foods and drinks. What we love to do in summer is to meet and search for new green spots in the city. It is nice to find these chill places in the hectic that surrounds us. Everyone meets after work or on the weekend and it is always very casual and fun. It is super easy to organize too.  Also it is a good way to enjoy the green in the city – something that Strongbow is challenging people to do with their new „Nature Remix“ summer campaign.

One of the things we always end up talking about is that we should maybe move to the countryside. When in the city, we all miss the nature but when finally in the countryside, we get bored very easily. Truth is, we don’t need to go far away to find nature. Compared to many other cities, Berlin is very green and it is easy to find a green oasis close by. There are parks, but also many lakes that are very easy to access.

For our last get together my friends and I decided to meet in the Mitte district. We met at one of my favorite parks that is Monbijou Park. I love it as you are in the very center of Berlin – you have all the nice museums around you and you sit in a very nice setting and also it has so many memories because it reminds me of the very first walk I took when I moved to Berlin. Back then I would go there almost every night to meet with my friends. We would sit on the green grass by the water and we would talk about everything and nothing until late in the night.

It is with those very same friends that I did my picnic on Saturday. Now all of us are more in front of our computer all week than outside so it is important for all of us to go out and breathe some air at the weekend. Like back in the day we sat there and talked for hours.

This time we gathered and had Strongbow Apple Cider. Although cider is way more popular in England – it was in France where I discovered my love for this drink. I used to drink more cider than any other alcoholic beverage while in France. Maybe because I used to spend a lot of time in the Bretagne 😀 There you drink cider with both sweet and buckwheat crepes. Anyway it was nice to share it with my friends here in Berlin this time. I really like cider as it is not as heavy as a beer and it is very refreshing. Strongbow Apple Cider is available in 3 different tastes : Elderflower, Gold Apple and Red Berries my favorites are definitely Elderflower as it tastes very fresh and just a little bit sweet as well as Gold Apple, because it’s the original.



*ADVERTISEMENT – In collaboration with Stronbow

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