First impressions of the HP Elite Dragonfly laptop

*This article is written in collaboration with HP. All opinions remains my own.

Last week in collaboration with HP I received the brand new HP Elite Dragonfly laptop that is for both work and leisure. 

Window’s most beautiful laptop

As a blogger, there is no way around working with a laptop. Being it at home or working from a coffee shop, an airport or a train. As a lifestyle blogger on top of this, I like to work on a stylish laptop because when I bring it out at a meeting, this is also part of my presentation. The past years, windows laptop were not that sexy unfortunately but HP made an effort to make the HP Elite Dragonfly a beautiful laptop that you want to show off. It comes very thin in an original beautiful blue color and with a digital pen that makes it look very chic. 
Beside the fact that it has a beautiful design, it is also made of sustainable materials. While it is not 100% sustainable, HP made an effort to change it’s material and made a long term decision to be more sustainable. The HP Elite Dragonfly is the world’s first notebook made with “ocean-bound” plastics. In collaboration with NextWave Plastics, HP went to Haiti and recycled the equivalent of  35 million plastic bottles for the fabrication of its products.
The choice of material : magnesium instead of aluminium was also made for the laptop to be light with less than 1kg making it the “world’s lightest 13-inch business convertible”. This is truly life changing for me as I often consider taking my laptop with me or not because of it’s heavy weight. Since I work from everywhere, I often had it and my friends often made the joke of asking me if I carry stones in my bag or why my bag is always so heavy.

This is now over as my notebook is now as light as a tablet. Speaking of tablet, this is also an option of the HP Elite Dragonfly. I can use it as a 2 in 1 : as both a laptop or a tablet making it perfect for both work and leisure. Since I only test it since a week, I will write another blogpost about all you can do with the Elite Dragonfly / how I use it on a daily basis. I indeed did not explore all facilities yet. 

HP Elite Dragonfly laptop 2

HP Elite Dragonfly is a secure laptop

By setting it up I can already say that I liked a lot the security options coming together with the HP Elite Dragonfly laptop. You might know the where is my phone option well this exist also for the HP Elite Dragonfly computer. Very useful when you think of how much you bring your laptop everywhere. In case you don’t find  it anymore or it got stolen, you will be able to track your laptop thanks to the built-in Tile technology that will allow to ring your laptop, locate its last location on a map or get a notification if someone finds it. This works even if your laptop is off as long as it has battery.
If it gets stolen, the person who stole it won’t be able to do much with it anyways as it comes with face recognition and fingerprint identification. 
Beside this, it also has a webcam privacy option with a a physical shutter over the camera.

For people who have sensible data on their computer, there is the option to have HP Sure view on the Elite Dragonfly. By pressing a key, it gets difficult for strangers to view from the sides. Perfect for business people but also just in general I hate when I catch people looking on my computer so it is a cool feature available.

This is it for my first impressions of the Elite Dragonfly laptop. I will share more of what I do with it in a future article.