Gina Tricot Georgia Sweater and Lollipops shoes

Yesterday I sat with a friend of mine and we laughed about me wearing the same things over and over again, over years, even if they are broken or totally washed out.

This is what happened in this outfit. I am wearing my favorite leather short i bought 3 years ago in Barcelona. I said last summer to myself this is the last summer I am wearing it but here we go again. It is not even black anymore but I just can’t throw it away… Also the bag I am carrying is broken. The handle bloke a few months ago, so i have to carry it as a bag. It is not so practical, but this is still one of my favorite bag.

Well what can I do, i guess this is love and as they say, the heart has reasons that reason cannot know…

I am wearing :
Sweater : Gina Tricot
Leather Short : H&M (Summer 2010)
Shoes : Lollipops
Bag : Zara (Autumn 2012)

What do you think of the look?


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