On the Road


A few weeks ago I talked to you about the new campaign by Eastpak : When was the last time you did something for the first time?, and i told you i would make 2012 a bit more exciting.
Here we go : I wanted to travel to places i never went to so i was looking for super cheap flight all over the internet but nothing… But thanx god I am lucky and travels come to me!! Yeah!!! On the plan : Munich, Paris, Madrid and finally Hamburg. (Follow me on Instagram : @lesberlinettes)

Ok Paris is where i come from… Munich and Hamburg are still in Germany, BUT don’t forget i am french. This are 2 cities i never went to and it might not be the jungle but, I might be desoriented by fisch bread and very german people!!

Super excited about Madrid though.

Anyway it’s the good occasion for me to present you my new bag by Eastpak. I choose the model Spins S, in Midnight (colour). S for small, because first well my name is not Cresus so… I travel with low cost airlines that do not allow to carry big hand luggage… And second because it is very practical i can carry it, i can roll it and i can even use it as a backpack.

The Spin model is also available in 2 bigger size and in different colours as you can see in the video below.

So leave you for now, i’m gonna pack!