Harley Davidson t-shirt and Blazer with Tiger print


My outfit yesterday. I bought this blazer last year because i fell in love at first sight with it. I wore it a few times but then i found it too complicated to mix with other pieces.
One year later, i wear it more often than ever (tho sis my only blazer). The thing with this blazer is, if you think too much it just doesn’t look good. But when you don’t think a mix it with a really basic outfit : jeans + t-shirt, it looks fantastic!!

And combined with the Harley Davidson t-shirt i am ready to hit the 66Road… (My dream one day, but on a real Harley Davidson!!)

What do you think of the outfit?

I am wearing :
Blazer : Zara (spring 2012)
T-shirt : Harley Davidson Vintage
Jeans : H&M Conscious
Shoes : Lollipops (now on sale)


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