How it was – Kayla Itsines Bootcamp with Samsung smartwatch Gear S2

If you read my past articles and follow me on Instragram, you probably know that I did the Kayla Itsines Bootcamp in Berlin this weekend.
My partner in crime for this event was the Samsung Smartwatch Gear S2. Indeed even I know Kayla brought me close to my limits I think it is quite interesting to exactly know what I have done there.
With it functions, the Samsung smartwatch Gear S2 allows you to choose the type of training you are going to do, for example running, walking, biking etc and tells you how good you have been at it at the end of the session. My watch told me I have been not bad, which mean I could have done better and there is room for improvement. Hopefully next time that I will do the Kayla Itsines training I will see “GOOD” appear on my watch after the session.
Even though the watch says not bad, my heart rate was quite high which means that I did my best. Indeed, if your heart rate is too high it means that you are straining so it is good to slow down. On the opposite, if your heart rate is low, it means that you can definitely do better.

The watch also counts the calories. And this is one of the most interesting part isn’t it?! ­čśÇ Did I burn the pancakes I ate that morning? Not sure, but I burned in this workout 380 calories which I think is quite a lot. I though it was more though with all the jumping jacks, abs and all hardcore exercices we did.
When Kayla Itsines comes for a bootcamp, it is no joke, it is really a bootcamp. It did feel like it for it’s intensity but it did also feel like a big family get together. I am so impressed by the BBI girls, their good mood, their motivation and their will to motivate others. It was so much energy I even restarted the guide this monday beside running outside and going to my boxing class!

I am excited to be part of this community and I am looking forward to see my progress on my watch!

I wore Lululemon for the training.


Pictures : me, Diana Pottek, Brita Plath

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*Die in dem Beitrag vorkommende Gear S2 wurde Amandine von der Samsung Electronics GmbH zur Verf├╝gung gestellt und die Erstellung des Beitrags auch im ├ťbrigen von der Samsung Electronics GmbH unterst├╝tzt.