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How to avoid the travel visa hassle? 

While traveling comes also the question of visa and god knows this can be a hassle. 

The visa hassle

I have been to a lot of countries and luckily with my French passport I don’t need a visa for many countries but when I do, it is a pain every time to understand what is required exactly. Looking for the right information always stresses me the most. Indeed there are plenty of websites describing the visa process to enter a certain country but only very few have useful or complete informations. Indeed, immigration laws are always changing and not all websites are up to date. Even the official website of some countries are lacking informations.

My visa experience in India

While traveling to India in 2018 I faced this very problem and I wish I had taken the help of a visa bureau to avoid stressing myself.
In march of 2018 I entered India via Delhi to visit the Golden Triangle and for a trip on the Golden Chariot. After, I leaved India for Maldives via Bengaluru. Came back from Maldives to India again via Bengalru and left the same day via Delhi to Europe.
2 weeks later, I was supposed to come back to India from Europe again, to visit Kerala. Back then, the Indian visa was for 30 days and double entry. While this was clear, it was unclear on how many times in a year it was possible to apply for e-visa in a year.
As all visa services, it was impossible to contact someone to help me with the matter. 
When I enter India for the second time I told the immigration officer that I had to come back 2 weeks later. If it would be possible to re-apply for an e-visa online. Unfortunately for me he did not understand my question and I went back to Europe not knowing if my third visit to India would be possible or not. I applied online and went to the airport on the due date not knowing if I would be able to enter the country after landing. Luckily for me I could but I was very stressed. In those situations or if your nationality requires extra paperwork, when you should consider the services of a visa bureau.

Consider the services of a visa bureau

They will indeed, check all documents according to your situation and only forward it to a consulate or immigration service if it’s correct. It is a bit more expensive than doing the visa yourself but it will still be less expensive than having to change your travel plans because you didn’t have the right documents and your visa got refused. You don’t have the hassle to do everything yourself AND payment is secure. 
This was the example for my Indian visa application. It was just a matter of entries but some countries like those of the Schengen area require many paperwork and even some extra documents regarding you own situation. In this case, it is useful to get an advice from a visa specialist who will check not just if your documents are right (you many people do get their visa rejected because the passport number they entered didn’t match their official passport?! it is such a stupid mistake but it happens very often!) but also the quality of it. It is indeed always useful to be able to talk to someone regarding this process. The best part of using a visa bureau like is you get updated on the status of your application AND get Refunded the entire purchase price in case your application is denied. Finally, last minute travel can happen thanks to logistic as they have an emergency courier service for physical visas, even the same day. No need to go to the embassy yourself or pick up the visa yourself.