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How to find your favourite perfume

Are you a one person perfume or the kind of person that changes perfume every day?

I am rather the second type. For every important thing that happened in my life, I have a perfume I can associate with. And every time I wear this specific perfume, it brings back memories.

In this article I will give you some tips on how to buy your favourite perfume. There are online many website where you can find a wide range of perfumes such as

A perfume is not just a perfume. There is so much work behind, and the work of a parfumeur requires lots of skills. If you want to know about perfume, I recommend you to go to France, and visit Grasse, the capital of Perfume and the international museum of perfume. You will learn so many things and hear terms such as middle note, aka the scent that will found the foundation of the perfume. For my middle note I always go for the same scents, to be sure I go in the right direction. In my case it would be Ylang Ylang. A scent I wish I could eat. It is Exotic, deep and floral.

Depending on the season, I like to have a perfume more heavy in winter and more fresh in summer. Therefore I then look at the base and top notes that will help define the perfume.

I won’t go too much into details but if you are interested, it is nice to take a perfume workshop and create your own individual perfume. It is not that easy, so don’t expect that you will create your dream perfume in one session. Parfumeur work for years on their nose and try multiples mix before creating a perfume.

While searching for a perfume, you will also want to consider the effect of the scent on yourself. Ylang Ylang for example has several benefits such as improving your mood as the flower increased calmness, it stimulates sexual desire, is improving your skin and is supposed to have benefits on your health as it should help lower blood pressure and pain.

Based on what I said, you can find a perfume that will for sure become a favourite for years!