How to stay busy while social distancing #stayathome

how to keep busy during quarantaine HP elite dragonfly 6-min

If you are not living in a cave right ow you probably know that staying at home is going to save life.

One of the first question I get when on the phone is how to keep busy at home in these days. When I am not traveling, I like to stay home anyways. So I guess it will be a little less hard for me than for those who are very sociable. But doing social distancing does not mean no contact at all. Also why not use this time to learn new skills and put order into our life.

Obviously, you will probably be cleaning your house, cook or do gym workout but you will also spend a LOT of time in front of screens.

I don’t own a TV (I have one but it’s not working :D) so I basically do everything on my HP Elite Dragonfly laptop that I presented you HERE.

It is a 2 in 1 so I use it as a laptop but also as a tablet and a television.

During social distancing, I have a few things that I plan to do on screen!

Learn a new language

I always wanted to learn a new language. Right now, I speak French (my mother tongue), English and German fluently but I wish to learn a 4th language. I started learning Arabic a few months ago. It is really difficult, but I guess it is possible to learn it still so I will give it a new try. For this I use languages App on my HP Elite Dragonfly when used as a tablet such as Duolingo, Drops and Nemo as well as with YouTube videos.

Cut old travel videos

Everywhere I go I take a lot of videos in order to cut a travel film out of it later. I have tons of material that I never used because I always lack time to cut a video but I will now use the time I have to start cutting my travel videos and by the way learn a new skill. I know the basics of Adobe Premiere, but I want to go more into depth and eventually even start learning After Effect! Finally, my Adobe subscription will be used!!

how to keep busy during quarantaine HP elite dragonfly 13-min

Take an online course

Beside my blog I have some other projects that I want to realize in the near (hopefully) future. I think again this time social distancing is a good way to learn something that you will be thankful for later. I have always been interested in finances, so I think about taking a finance course.

If you would like to take an online course as well, my friends recommended me Udemy and Coursera but also Harvard University has some online course on its website that are probably worth checking out.

Watch a lot of movies

I will catch up on a lot of series and movies I haven’t seen yet Again in tablet mode with my HP Elite Dragonfly. Netflix and Chill as they say.

Video calls to stay in touch

As said before, it is not because you are doing social distancing that you can’t stay social. I plan to be more active on social media and use this time to connect more with you all. Also I will be keeping in touch with friends and family via WhatsApp or skype. I am very bad at calling people, but I will also use this time to reconnect with some friends 🙂

I guess if I stick to my plans it will keep me busy for a little while. I hope I could inspire some of you on what to do!

Stay safe everyone!!



*This article was written in collaboration with HP. All opinions remain my own.