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*Advertisement – Juniqe planer for 2018

During this first week of 2018 I took the opportunity that many people are still in holiday to plan a part of the year. Says important events and yearly medical check ups.

I am very old school and still need to write down everything down. If I write my appointment in my phone calendar I might still miss them. So every year I buy a planer where I write everything down. This year I got the planer above from Juniqe that is the result of a collaboration with the German blog “Journelles” that is a fashion and lifestyle blog and in that sense all important fashion and lifestyle events of the year are written down in the planer already so fashionistas never miss anything 😉 So cool!

The theme of the collection is Peach Party and is composed of 4 planer that you can see below, but also some notebooks, postcards, gift wraps and baby clothes. You can discover the whole collection HERE.

*Advertisement – Article written in collaboration with Juniqe