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Marc Cain Event, 11 bloggers – 11 cities


If you follow me on Instagram and if you have read my #AmandineFashionWeekXGalaxyS5 diary you know that i was part of a project created by Marc Cain that is called 11 bloggers, 11 cities.

The kick off of the project was Berlin Fashion Week and more especially the Marc Cain Show for Spring/Summer 2015. The day of the show, 11 of us international bloggers met in the morning to get our Hair and Make-Up done by Jacks Beauty department and to wear our outfit from the Marc Cain Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I decided to wear a denim dress with a pearl necklace for a boho chic look.

After hair and make-up we went for lunch at Neni, where they serve oriental specialities and then went to the Marc Cain fashion show, that had for Theme Magic Circus and that was starring no one else than : Marcia Cross and Hilary Swank!! Following a performance featuring ballet dancers and an acrobat, the fashion show started. There were so many looks and I can already tell there are a few pieces i am totally craving about!! What i like about Marc Cain, is that in one collection, there are items for every style and every age. Therefore it make sense to create a project with 11 bloggers, from 11 cities, all with a different style. I was so happy to meet new bloggers. Especially Clémence, who is french as well. It was just so nice to talk french again!!

Now i would like to thanks Madeleine for taking all pictures, the girls from Blogger Bazaar for organizing this event and of course Marc Cain for inviting me.

MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-16 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-62 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-12 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-7 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-105 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-108 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-254 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-269 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-378 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-401 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-411 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-468 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-493 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-494 MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-509