Interview with The Plain White T’s

the plain white t interview 2015 pause lipton ice tea american nights
 the plain white t interview 2015 pause lipton ice tea american nights

Hello, a little interview with the band The Plain White T’s.
You probably know their song “Hey there Delilah” which achieved platinum status in 2007 and earned two Grammy nominations, now they are back with a new single called “Pause” and a new Album called “American Nights” about which they talk about in my interview.
Enjoy their songs and the interview below 🙂

Me : You have been away from the Music scene for a little while now, so where have you been and what did you do?

The Plain White T’s : Since the song “Hey there Delilah” we actually had a few more hits. I don’t think you know those songs here in Europe but in the USA we had a few big hits :” 1,2,3, 4″ or “the rhythm of love” so have been busy with that. And for the past few years we have been working on this new Album : American Nights. We also went through a little bit of drama with labels and management, so it took a little bit longer than what we wanted to but it finally came out on March 31st.

Me : You talked about a bit of Drama. Can you tell a bit more about that.

The Plain White T’s : We had some creative differences. When we turned in what ended up being the album that we though taking back from them, they were pretty excited about it. They loved the album.
The label has been through a lot of changes in house though, so maybe the people that were fighting for you in the building aren’t there anymore. They kept pushing back the release date of the album and we were stuck without being able to release anything.
So at that point we were like well, if you are not gonna do anything about it, give it back to us and when we took it back we pretty much scrapped half of it and said, we’re gonna be independent now so let’s just make it just how we want and not worry about any kind of creative issues. So we ended up really rerecording all the songs and ended up doing the album that we wanted.

So, what is the new Album, “American Nights” about?

The Plain White T’s : It’s just about going out, meeting up with friends, just having a few drinks and trying to make the most of the night. It’s also about looking back, being nostalgic but also abut looking forward.

How did the collaboration with Lipton Ice Tea for your new single “Pause” happened?

The Plain White T’s : We wrote a song called “Pause” last summer while being on tour. So one morning i woke up and i was like, we are on tour, this is great, we have to make the best of this and enjoy what we have here, we’re doing what we love, we’re living our dream and so i wrote that song about really acknowledging where you are in life and being appreciating of that moment.

Lipton came to us because they were fans of the band and they liked the idea that we were the Plain White T’s and it would be a play on words with Lipton Ice Tea. Also they planned a campaign called #bemoretea that will launch this summer and the idea behind is the same kind of idea than what we say in our song “Pause”.
Their thoughts were that coffee drinkers are too hectic, and they never slow down. The idea of taking a second and enjoy a cup of tea and enjoy the moment, is what they want to promote and so it happened that our song was similarly about slowing down and enjoying the moment.

Now that we are independent we don’t have the reach that a big label would have by pushing everything, so having our song played in a commercial across the continent is is a huge exposure. It was for us the perfect timing to come together with Lipton Ice Tea.

Me : What is you #bemoretea moment?

The Plain White T’s : It’s the moment you pause. It’s when you can be more reflective, when you take the chance to look inward or take the time to connect with someone.

 the plain white t interview 2015 pause lipton ice tea american nights