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My favorite work cafés in Berlin to go with my HP Elite Dragonfly laptop

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As I told you in my previous article, one of the thing I am most happy about post lockdown is definitely to be able to go work in a café again.

Hence, I will tell you about some of my favorite cafés in Berlin where I spent some time working with my HP laptop in the past weeks. I shared with you a review of my new computer a few months ago already and I am still very happy about it – if one thing did never hang up on me, it was this HP Elite Dragonfly laptop. Thanks to its long life battery and its powerful Intel Core 15 processor it allows me to work, be creative and do some gaming at the same time! And of course it is so light, I can take it anywhere.

HP Elite Dragonfly laptop

Now back to my favorite cafés.

  • Mitte

An all time favorite of mine is definitely café Oberholz in Berlin Mitte. I used to study there for university around 10 years ago. Time flies but this café is still a top.

  • Kreuzberg

In Kreuzberg I love to go to Luzia. It is both a café at day time and a bar at night. The perfect spot to slide into the weekend on a friday!

Betahaus is also a great place to meet other “working nomads”. While the upper floor is a co working space where you need to rent a desk, the ground floor is for everyone! Many don’t know!

  • Neukölln

Neukölln, is my go to. There are a few cafés that are really like and that are really cozy.

There are indeed many freelancers from the neighboorhood that keep the cafés alive during the day when the night owls are not out yet 😀

I very often go to Prachtwerk (where those pictures where taken) as it is very big and there is always a spot to sit. It is also an event space where (not in corona time obviously) there is live music, performances, art show, etc happening. A very cool place and the café is GREAT!!

Bekech anticafé is very cool as well and it comes with a brand new concept. While many cafés suffer or people staying for hours but only buy one café, Bekech charges 5cent per minute and in exchange you can use the internet, have free coffee and some veggie food.

A last favorite is café Katulki. It is an old fashioned café. It is not very big so it is better to go only for 2/3 hours or at least consume somethings. They have the most amazing homemade cakes and polish dumplings at lunch!

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Working café Berlin 2
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