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New York day 7 & 8 – Outfit + Top of the Rock, Ice cream at Serendipity and the view from Top of the Rock

While I am writing right now I am already back in Berlin. Just for a few days though as I am going to Milan on tuesday morning.

Wednesday was my last day at New York Fashion Week. I went to see the Nanette Lepore show wich wasn’t that spectacular unfortunately.

Then i met with Jana from Bekleidet and we finally went to Serendipity. A place I wanted to go in september already when i was in New York for the first time. I have hear the name of this place in so many movies and series I had to try it. Do you know the movie Serendipity??!! The place i am talking to you about is the reason why the movie is called like that!!
I was NOT disappointed by Serendipity!! The best ice-cream ever!! I had a banana split (you can see it on the pictures below. It is a small one, yes a SMALL one!!! ) and Jana had a cheesecake.

Afterwards i bough Candies in the same street at Dylan’s Candies. The heaven for all candy lovers on the evening i met with Sarah, her boyfriend Chris and Maurizio and we went to the bar of the Hotel Empire. ( If we are Gossip Girls fan ?! mmhh yes, haha). I was a bit disappointed though. I expected a nicer place…

If you are into food, take a food tour. Nolita is a great district for it!

On my last day i woke up at 7 o’clock, packed my luggage and then met with my friend from Switzerland at the Barneys Warehouse sale. Really worth it i almost bough a Chloé bag for 350Dollars but a Japanese girl was quicker than me…

After I walked from the 14Street to the 49street with is a half of the city and then went with Jana and Maurizio on Top of the Rock!! Definitely worth paying the 25dollars as the view of the city is amazing. You can even see the Empire State Building wich is something you cannot do when you go on the Empire State Building!!

To finish this last day in New York we went to eat Barbecue ribs at Virgil’s really close to Time Square. And that’s a paradise for all meat lovers!

On that day i was wearing :
Hat : Vintage
Coat : Asos
T-shirt : Zara
Pants : H&M Spring/Summer 2013
Shoes : Mango Spring/Summer 2012

In the next post i will give you some address of what to do in New York in case you will be going!


At Serendipity

At the Hotel Empire

My outfit on day 7

In central Park

View from the Top of the Rock

Ribs At Virgil’s Restaurant