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This summer simply eating ice cream the way it comes in a box is so last season.
Mövenpick invited LesBerlinettes to come widen our horizon and embark on a journey of the senses – the taste buds mainly.

Mövenpick ice cream sortiment

Mövenpick’s ice cream sortiment has become fancier serving more than just strawberry, chocolate and vanilla with the likes of Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel, Maple Walnuts, Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Pistaccio, Pana Cotta Raspberry and Cashew Vanilla launching this summer (so so good!!), I urge you to try them all out.

The Mövenpick workshop was all about becoming more brave to try new combinations and getting more creative. We got to try Vanilla ice cream with bacon, cashew Vanilla ice cream with peppers and Tabasco sauce (craziest thing I’ve tried so far and definitely the best!) and Vanilla ice cream rolled in nuts and Bailey sauce.
After leaving the cooking class, I was convinced that it is possible to eat anything with ice cream and I had tons of original ice cream topping idea. I mean, I had just tried ice cream with BACON, and it was amazing!

Tips for ice cream toppings

But since I’m not Gordon Ramsey or a 5 star chef cook, I get a sense of being a bit lost not knowing which combinations really work in the end. Here is a accessible way to go about it thats also not too crazy:
Try rolling ice cream in anything you like e.g. cookie crumbs, grated coconut or almonds or salty cashews, chocolate chips or adding your favorite fruits for an immediate upgrade. Adding a bit of alcohol is also an interesting approach. The Vanilla and Bailey’s combination is super easy to do and tastes like something out of a 5 star restaurant.

If you feel creative, here are 4 easy recipes with original ice cream toppings to try out!

ice cream topping ideas

Original ice cream topping ideas : peppers and tabasco sauce

You will need :
– 1 ball cashew vanilla
– paprika
– cucumbers
– tomato mixture
– cherry tomato

For the ice cream topping, create a gazpacho crust with peppers (red / green / yellow), peeled cucumbers and dried tomatoes. Cut them into fine cubes and blend. Season with salt, pepper and Tabasco spicy.
Roll a ball of MÖVENPICK Cashew Vanilla into the vegetables and arrange with a halved cherry tomato.

Original ice cream topping ideas gazpacho peppers

Original ice cream topping ideas : bacon

You will need :
– 1 scoop of bourbon vanilla
– sugar snap peas
– Bacon

Cut the bacon into fine cubes and fry in a pan until crispy, roll the MÖVENPICK Bourbon Vanilla round in it.
Heat the blanched sugar pea pods in a pan and season with a splash of lime juice. Serve the ball on the vegetables. Garnish the dessert with half a cherry tomato and a basil leaf.

Walnut Cantuccini

– 1 ball Maple Walnuts
– 50 g of cantuccini
– 25 g almond brittle
– 15 ml Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
– milk foam

Crumble Cantuccini coarsely in a mortar or in a freezer bag. Then sprinkle roasted almonds onto a sheet of baking paper and pour over golden brown caramel. Chop the cooled mass coarsely and mix with the Cantuccini breadcrumbs. Roll the ball MÖVENPICK Maple Walnuts in it.
Soak two whole Cantuccini in Baileys or any other cream liqueur and place in a half-high dish to the rolled ball.
Serve with milk foam

Original ice cream topping ideas : Green rice

– 1 scoop of mango ice cream
– 40 g mango
– 20 g of green Vietnamese rice (available at Asialaden)
– 20 ml passion fruit sauce
– 20 ml of lime juice
– 10 g of brown sugar
– 20 ml Cachaca (optional)

Fry the green rice in oil over high heat or deep fry it to make it look like popcorn. Mix with brown sugar, then let it cool down. Roll the MÖVENPICK mango ice cream in the fried green rice. Dice the mango and marinate it with passion fruit sauce, lime juice, brown sugar and cachaça. Put the ball on the mango salad and garnish with the green rice and a Thai basil leaf.

TIP: By the way, an amarula sour cream, which is made from sour cream with amarula, honey and caramel sauce, fits in very well.


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* Written by Lois Opoku

**Pictures : Les Berlinettes and Mövenpick