Photo editing apps for the best holiday pictures with o2

As you probably saw on Instagram I gave a workshop on travel photography at the o2 live store in Berlin this week. Indeed, the o2 live store is a concept store so that it is different than the other o2 store. You really go there for an experience. One of the thing you can do there, is to get a free workshop. This week, the theme was travel photography and o2 asked me to do it.

For all who could not assist the workshop, because you guys were working or because of the rain 😉 I am putting together in this article all the useful photo editing apps to create the best original pictures. Let’s take your Instagram feed to the next level!!

1 – OI Share

First of all I mostly take my pictures with the Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera as I think that pictures taken with a real camera are better than pictures taken with a smartphone. I would then simply download my pictures to my smartphone with the Olympus App. Obviously it only works if you have a Olympus camera but most camera know have this option so I would always advice to take picture with your camera before uploading them to your smartphone.

2 – VSCO

Once I uploaded my pictures to my phone I generally add a filter from VSCO for the simple reason that I like to have the same kind of colors on my Intagram feed. i would generally use the same 2/3 filters on all my pictures to keep the same vibe on my feed. VSCO is also almost like photoshop but on a phone. You can there change the exposure, the contrast, adjust the white balance etc.

Unfortunately it is not possible to change only parts of the picture with this app, this is why I also have Snapseed on my phone.

3 – Snapseed

I use Snapseed to change only part of a picture. Snapseed has the same option than VSCO in terms of settings but I think it is a bit more difficult to use so I prefer to use VSCO. When I want to change only on thing in a picture I don’t have much choice I have to use Snapseed. Here I use the brush tool that allows me to change whatever I want : exposure, saturation, etc only on the part of the picture I touch with my finger.

4 – Facetune

Facetune is a very popular app especially among girls. It allows you make yourself skinnier and your skin perfect but it also allows you to expose details. For example if you take a picture of something where there is something written on it. You might want people to easily read what is written and this is the best tool for it.
You simply click the detail icon in Facetune and you swipe on what you want to be more exposed.

5 – Meitu

Meitu is also a beauty app. I generally use it to make something disappear in a picture. We all know those moment where you look at one picture you took and realise there is something in that picture that ruins it totally. With Meitu, it i super easy to brush it away with the eraser tool. Try it is magic!

6 – Cinemagrah

Cinemagraph is one of my favorite app to use. I almost never post my creation on Instagram because it would not fit in my feed but it allows you to create very cool effects. It is both a picture and a video at the same time. With Cinemagraph you can take a picture and let only a part of it still move.

Only available on IOS

I hope that you discovered some app that you did not know before.

Thank you to O2 for giving me the great opportunity of giving my very first workshop.


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