What I consider to be an everyday Supergirl

Hi everyone, as you probably saw on Instagram I am in the middle east right now, and more precisely in Jordan. Jordan is an amazing country I always dreamed to go to. For the launch of the serie Supergirl on Amazon, I was asking, what means to me to be an everyday Supergirl.
First of all I think that all of us are Supergirls in our own way. That be being a mum, being a teenager, being a student, etc. We all face daily problems, but keep on going, with or without super power. As you noticed I am traveling a lot and very often I am traveling on my own. A lot of girls told me “I could never do that”, Is it not dangerous?”, “Are you never bored alone?” Most of the time in those question I had the feeling people wanting to do the same but didn’t dare to do it. To me those questions where often looking for answer to encourage them to do the same. I am a very curious person and there are so many countries that I would like to see in the world. There is not a country in the world I would not like to go to unless it is a war zone or a dangerous place. Right now I am in the Middle East. I know very few women would like to come to the Middle East because if what we see in the news and because of how women can be treated here. I have to say that I was a little scared before coming but those fears went away after a day being here. Like anywhere else, if you want to go somewhere, inform yourself before hands, and use some common sense. Example in Jordan, I am not feeling unsafe here, but knowing I am in a muslim country, I won’t go out by myself late at night and I wont go out in a mini dress. By traveling and sharing my journey with you I hope being to you kind of a Supergirl that encourage you to live the life you want, to travel wherever you want to if you feel like it and to as a woman realize your dreams. Indeed, being a woman should not stop you of living your dreams.
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