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2 days in Büyükada – Princes island Istanbul

After visiting Istanbul we wanted to spend some days by the beach to relax and enjoy the sun. We decided to spend 2 days in Büyükada, one of the Princes’ islands next to Istanbul, where we stayed in a lovely Airbnb.

Büyükada is the main of the three islands next to Istanbul. The perfect place to relax, swim, bike, etc

2 days in Büyükada - Princes island Istanbul

How to go to Büyükada from Eminonu?

From Istanbul you will probably want to take the Ferry from Eminonu to Büyükada. The boat is the one and only way to access the island. It is a 1,5hour boat ride from the city center.

What to do in Büyükada?

Büyükuda is really an island to relax and the perfect lace to escape the buzzling city.

There are not too many things to do. The best is to enjoy the island. There are only 3 mode of transportation : bike, horse carriage and by feet.

We rented a bike for two days and went all around the island. I can recommend to do the same as you can stop everywhere and go at your own rythme. The island is too big to do everything by feet but you can go on a few hikes from the city center.

2 days in Büyükada - Princes island Istanbul

Büyükada beaches

Especially in the summer if you stay more than a day, which I recommend, you might want to go swimming. There are a few beaches of the island. Most of them you have to pay for in order to use the beach. Around 6Euros. You can go there by bike, by horse carriage or by boat from the main pier.

We tried different beaches but the one beach I recommend is very south from the island. We went by bike but the best is to access by boat as it is pretty far away and the shuttle boat is free from the main pier.

It is called and it is definitely the best beach on the island.

You can also swim at the port in the town. It is free but because of the many boats it is not the cleanest water. Locals all swim there though!

beaches on Büyükada
2 days in Büyükada - Princes island Istanbul

Where to stay in Büyükada

During our time on the island, we rented an Airbnb apartment in a little residence not too far from the city center. Our host Aysa was super friendly and her apartment was lovely. You can book it here.

AIRBNB on Büyükada
AIRBNB on Büyükada