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3 days in Montreal – Fun activities in Montreal

3 days i Montreal View from Mont Royal Montreal Canada

When in East Canada, visiting the 3 biggest cities : Montreal, Quebec city and Toronto are a must. We spent 3 days in Montreal. Here is a little guide on fun activities to do in Montreal.

Boutique hotel in Montreal for your 3 days in Montreal

First of all, where to sleep in Montreal? I would suggest 3 cool districts : Mile End, Old Montreal and Le Plateau. From those 3 districts you are in the center of what is going on in Montreal.

I stayed at but there is one hotel that is hyped all over the world and totally affordable : Saint Paul Hotel : the only design hotel in Montreal.

Fun activities in Montreal – Relax at Bota Bota Montreal

Montreal has a very cool spa known all over the world that you HAVE to try! Bota Bota is a spa on the water or more exactly on a boat anchored on the Montreal’s Old Port. You will have sauna’s with view over the cities, steam baths, whirlpool baths, hot and cold baths, a restaurant, relaxing rooms etc. The cool thing is that the spa is open all year long and can you imagine to go there in the winter and bath with the snow all around you. Quite amazing. Also it is possible to privatize a part of the spa for you and your friends!

Stroll in the hipster paradise that is Mile End

Every city has it’s own hipster paradise. In Montreal it is in Mile End. It is a few streets with the coolest designer shops, cafés and restaurants. Definitely THE place to be in Montreal.

Fun activities in Montreal – Seeking the thrill at La Ronde, Six Flags

Six Flags is known to be one of the most amazing amusement parks for those seeking the thrill. If you are in Montreal don’t miss La Ronde, it is Six Flags amusement park in the center of Montreal.

Fun activities in Montreal- Drive the Canadian Grand Prix circuit

For all Formula 1 fans, it is possible to drive on Gilles Villeneuve circuit.You can only drive 30km/h but it is still a fun thing to do in Montreal!

3 days in Montreal - Fun activities in Montreal  Drive Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

Hike up to Mont Royal

For the best view over Montreal, hike up to Mont Royal. If you don’t like to walk, you can also rent an electric bike!

Discover the architecture resulting from Expo 67

There are not much structures left from Expo 67 but what is remaining is still worth a look. You should definitely plan a visit during your 3 days in Montreal. One building let is Habitat 67, a housing complex designed by architect Moshe Safdie that remembers lego bricks. The other structure, not too far from Habitat 67 is the Montreal biosphere transparent dome designed by architect Richard Buckminster. It is now a museum for environmental issues awareness.

Montreal biosphere

Eat the craziest Poutine

Finally, you cannot leave Montreal without eating a poutine! A poutine is a traditional dish from Quebec. It is french fries, with cheese curds and a gravy sauce. It is quite heavy and very addictive. You might want to eat everyday during your 3 days in MontrealIf you get bored of the classic version you can try some variation, with eggs, sausages or whatever is on the menu.

The best place to eat poutine in Montreal is : Mange-moi – 35 Mont-Royal Ave W E, Montreal, QC H2T 1N4, Canada