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3 days in Rhodos – Old town and sand beaches in Falikari : Ladiko beach and Lindos : Megali Paralia beach


The very first stop of my journey in Greece was Rhodos. I stayed 3 days in Rhodos before going on the MS Europa 2.

I explored Rhodos Old Town, Ladiko beach in Falikari and Lindos. All places worth a stop.

Lindos and the sand beach of Megali Paralia/strong>

With my friend Vicky we rented a car directly at the airport. It is really useful to do so as the Island is quite big.
On the first day we drove from our hotel that was not so far from the airport to Lindos. We heard it is a lovely town with a nice beach. We spent a day there. We layed by the beach for a few hours. Unlike the many other beaches in Rhodos, Megali Paralia beach in Lindos is a sand beach and not a shingle beaches.
We later ate greek salad and gyros at one of the restaurant by the beach and after we went to explore the cute little town.

Lindos is definitely a place to stay at if you are in Rhodos. They are a lot of cute little hotels and apartments. I would rather stay in Lindos than in the hotel area next to Rhodos that is more touristic. there you will find all the big hotel chains and a long shingle beach.

view Lindos Rhodos Greece Travel blogger in Lindos Rhodos Greece streets in Lindos Rhodos Greece restaurant with a view in Lindos Rhodos Greece restaurant in Lindos Rhodos Greece chruch in Lindos Rhodos Greece door in Lindos Rhodos Greece Lunch in Lindos Rhodos Greece

Ladiko beach – A sand beach in the bay of Ladiko

On the second day we went to Falikari. We ate in the little town and then decided to go to the beach. We didn’t really like the beach in Faliraki so we decided to drive a bit further down. Not far away, around 3km away from Faliraki, we found a bay where there is Ladiko beach, it is situated in a little bay where there is only one bar/restaurant and sunbeds. Here again, you will find sand on the beach and not pebbles. Ladiko beach sand beach Rhodos Greece

Ladiko bay Rhodos Greece

Rhodos Old town
Finally, on our last day we went to Rhodos. As we didn’t have many time we stayed only in Rhodos Old town. It is a very cute part of the city that you access from the different gates of the old medieval city. It is very touristic but don’t follow the crowd who stays only in the main street. Get lost and start exploring the small alleys, you will find the true beauty of Rhodos old town. With it’s typical house and many nice cafés.

main street old town of Rhodos Greece
alleys main street old town of Rhodos Greece

alleys old town of Rhodos Greece scooter main street old town of Rhodos Greece