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A week at Neverland resort Hurghada, Egypt

kids aquq park new Neverland resort Hurghada Egypt former jungle aqua park

Lusting for sun, we escaped the cold German weather to Neverland resort, in Hurghada, Egypt. Neverland resort is the new name of an already existing resort, the Jungle Aqua Park. It recently opened a new area with more rooms and more water attractions called Water Valley. The whole complex is now Neverland Resort, aka the biggest aqua park in the whole MENA region and operated by Pickalbatros Hotels and Resorts.

Our stay was organized by FTI Touristik. Very stressfree, from flight booking, to our stay and the day trips we took.

Rooms at Water Valley – Neverland Resort Hurghada

During our week at Neverland Resort, we stayed in the brand new part of the resort, Water Valley. It offers very spacious rooms, composed of a big living room and 2 bedrooms as well as 2 bathrooms. They are perfect for families. We traveled with our one year old daughter, so we were also provided with a baby bed.

The rooms also have a small outside terasse facing a pool. Actually all little areas have their own pools, which is very convenient if you travel with older children so you can look at them from your own terrasse if wanted.

new jungle aqua park water valley neverland hurghada appartment new jungle aqua park water valley neverland hurghada room new jungle aqua park water valley neverland hurghada

Neverland Aqua Park

As mentionned above, Neverland Aqua Park is the biggest in the while MENA Region. It is composed of the former Jungle Aqua Park and a brand new area, with even more pools, more slides and a big kids area that opened only a few months ago.

With such a big offer, while the resort is extremly big, it never felt too crowded. We traveled off season though, I can’t give any review for high season.

Also we traveled we our one year old daughter. WHile she doesn’t swim on her own and only uses the small slides with our help, she still had a lot of fun. We mainly stayed at the pool in our housing corner and at the kids pools. Our favourites was the kid pool with the pirate boat and the small kids pool with very shallow water in the new aqua park.

We then took our turn to enjoy the adult  slides. The slides in the former jungle aqua park are a lot of fun but for thrill seekers, you will be in heaven in the new aqua park as the slides are much higher and therefore challenging. I didn’t dare on some of them. Maybe next time haha

The beach of Neverland Resort Hurghada

There is so much to do in the resort that we forgot to go to the beach the first days of our arrival.

The resort is not directly by the beach but only a 5 minutes ride with the beach shuttle.

While we enjoyed every bit of our stay inside the resort, we didn’t enjoy so much the beach area. I didn’t find it cosy. The sunbeds are way too close to each other and I also didn’t like the overall vibe of the beach. The water is very clear though.

Kids Activities and Entertainment at Neverland Resort Hurghada

Let’s start with, Neverland Resort Hurghada is a kids paradise. There are plenty of things to do. A kids club, a playground, the many pools, Playstation rooms (that adults seems to love too), an all you can eat candy bar, etc

But what we loved the most is the many entertainment provided several times per day. From juggles, singing plushed animals, dancing, kid’s make up. It is great for kids of all age. Even our one year all daughter emjoyed the shows very much an we ended up watching them every day, somtimes even twice a day.

Kids entertainment new jungle aqua park water valley neverland hurghada Kids entertainment Slides new jungle aqua park water valley neverland hurghada

The Food at Neverland Resort

Neverland resort has many restaurant so there is definiteky something for every taste. I would say to not expect fine didng but it was definitely versatile enough. Some of our favourite restaurants were Tajine, the Moroccan restaurant that felt quite authentic, the burger restaurant and the main buffet. We also loved the homemade bread as well as the grilled chicken and the Egyptian pies.

The only downside was the breakfast hours. I wish it was just a little bit longer.

Day trips from Neverland Resort

While at Neverland we went to the town of Hurghada. We walked by the marina and had a drink there. We went there on our own with a taxi and we took a morning trip to the underwater boat. It was lovely.

We considered taking a day trip to Cairo to see the Pyramids but as we traveled with a one year old child we decided to do it another time. It felt too much of a hustle for the little time we were in Egypt. It is definitely doable though, it is just quite a longggg journey.


I posted a Tiktok saying I hate All Inckusive BUT. Everyone asked why, the reason is, I love to expore on my own. Becoming a mum, I now appreciate all inckusive VERY MUCH!!! In the 13 months of being a mother, I finally had the time to sit and relax at Neverland. I also had a lot of fun, and seeing my daughter so happy to be there made me even happier and sure it was a good decision. I definitely would go back to Neverland resort. As many others do. We met some people who go there twice a year. It speaks for itself!! Also I would definitely book All Inclusive again. Our experience with FTI Touristik was great and easy. It seems they are number 1 for Egypt trips also.