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Ayurveda and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka – Review Siddhalepa resort

Ayurveda and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka - Review Siddhalepa resort doctor 2

A few weeks ago, I try an Ayurveda and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka at Siddhaleppa resort in Wadduwa. I mean what a better place than the the Indian Subcontinent for such an experience and also I could not think of a better resort than Siddhaleppa.

Review Siddhalepa ayurveda health resort

First of all, Ayurveda is an ancient healing practice that focus on prevention more than healing itself. At least, I don’t think that Ayurveda can cure cancer but at least it helps for a healthier lifestyle and to cure little aches through yoga, a special diet, physiotherapy and some herbal preparations.

If you ever went to Sri Lanka and went to a pharmacy or local shop you probably say the Siddhalepa products. The Siddhalepa balm (similar to tiger balm) is the most famous product in everyone’s home in Sri Lanka. It helps against all kind of body aches, from back pain to headache.

Siddhalepa is indeed a family owned company with more than 2000 years of experience in Ayurveda. Beside their products they also have hotels and an hospital close to Colombo.

I stayed 4 days at their Ayurveda and Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka, in Wadduwa.

The Siddhalepa ayurveda resort is a 4 stars hotel by the beach. It has both suite and beach bungalows, a big swimming pool and it offers Ayurveda treatments and yoga classes.

Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka at Siddhalepa resort

When you decide to book a stay at Siddhalepa resort you will have a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor at first. The doctor will do a consultation to find out your Doshas and will ask about your problems that should be treated during the stay.

Based on this consultation, the doctor who is diplomed of a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine degree from university will prescribe specific body treatments, a special diet and eventually medication made out of herbs.

An ayurveda retreat is not just relaxing and massages. It is actually quite hard to follow as you will detox your body in an intense way. The body treatments being the nicest part and the diet the hardest part of course.

Body treatments at an Ayurveda retreat

Beside massages, and depending on your programm, you might have to take bath, clean your eyes (weirdest thing I have ever done) or do some inhalations.

Diet at an Ayurveda retreat

For everyone the diet will be different. But everyone will be able to drink only hot water (better for your body system and digestion) and eat the food presented at the buffet. Among other : ayurvedic rice, fish curry, dhal and some roots I have never seen before.

At the restaurant, a doctor is there to help you with your diet and of course to check if you are not cheating on your prescribed diet.

I liked the food a lot at the resort but it was definitely hard to eat only the food that was prescribed to me especially after a few days : no caffeine, carbs, alcohol or junk food allowed. A real detox.

Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka

An Ayurveda retreat does not go without doing a yoga retreat as well.

Indeed, yoga is a part of the healing process of Ayurveda and so is also meditation.

Sri Lanka is a very hot country so doing a Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka means yoga and meditation very early in the morning. Yoga is twice a day. Once at 5AM and once at 5PM. And meditation can start as early as 4AM.

I am telling you, ayurveda and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka is NOT a joke!!

Fazit : Ayurveda and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka at Siddhalepa resort

My Ayurveda and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka only lasted 4 days as I wanted to pursue after my trip around Sri Lanka. It was a very good, even if hard experience. Not sure I would have lasted the 3 weeks that some people do.

4 days were not enough to see a real change in my body but I could feel a bit detoxed for sure and my back pain was gone. I definitely learned a lot during this retreat especially about food and meditation and I want to learn more about the benefits of specific aliments now that I am back home. In our occidental culture we often forget that food has a very huge impact on our health. We consume too many ready meals and eat little pills when something ache instead of having a proper diet.

Also I am glad I finally tried meditation at the resort. I am also integrating this in my everyday life now. So all in all a fantastic experience that I recommend to everyone if you have the chance to.