Blue Coat and Lundorf Gloves


I have to say that i love the winter how it is right now. Sunny and not cold at all. Maybe it’s not a good thing because it is part of the global warming but i prefer not to think about this. Therefor i don’t need to layer too much. A coat is enough. And for my hands some gloves are enough. Not everyone is like me and needs gloves with the temperatures we have now, but why not just for the style?! Gloves are always elegant!!

Lundorf sent me some gloves and the blue with the black dots i am wearing on the picture are from far my favorites. Lundorf is a danish brand. They do high quality gloves that are of leather and other high quality materials and made in Italy. Now i am just a bit scare to loose them since i always loose something. But cross fingers this won’t happen!!!

I am wearing :
Gloves : Lundorf
Coat : Asos
Jeans : Ridley by Asos (those jeans are from far the best skinny jeans I own. Perfect shape and perfect lenght : you can choose between different length)
Shoes : Zara (2012)


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