Breathtaking pictures of Santorini – Thira and Oia are worth a visit

Travel blogger Santorini Greece

As promised, some pictures about my route on the MS Europa 2.

Today I will share with you breathtaking pictures of Santorini to proove you that Thira and Oia are not overrated islands.

The MS Europa 2 cruised through the greek Island and one long awaited stop was Santorini. I was dying to go to the cyclades for years and the many pictures of Santorini that I have seen on Instagram just made me even more eager to visit. Because of many of the things that I have seen on Instagram, I was wondering if I would be disappointed or not.

Our ship anchored in the early morning in the bay of Santorini that is situated in an old volcanic crater, and I was already stunned by the magical surrounding.

We went off the boat a bit later and went to Oia, the most famous town in Santorini.

The taxi dropped us off in a side street that looked like every other greek town. Nothing special yet. We walked toward the main street overlooking the sea and there it was mindblowing. It was even nicer than what I have seen on Instagram. I never imagined that Oia was that high up on a hill, this setting made the whole picture even more incredible.

White houses, restaurant with sea views, cute little shops and the most beautiful boutique hotels is what you will find also in Oia.

Unfortunately I did not spend enough time there to give you any tips on what to do on the island but I have seen many cute restaurants with the best sea views, nice little shops and well decorated boutique hotels.

Below some pictures that will speak for themselves. Hopefully it will give you some wanderlust and if not, don’t miss those travel quotes that will do the work for sure 🙂

travel blogger oia Santorini Greece white church oia Santorini Greece Stairs oia Santorini Greece flowers oia Santorini Greece donkey oia Santorini Greece hotel oia Santorini Greece sea oia Santorini Greece White house oia Santorini Greece

After a few hours in Oia, we drove to another famous town of Santorini, Thira. I did not expect anything from Thira but now that I have been there, I am still hesitating on whether I like Oia or Thira the most.

I think Thira was just so charming. It is bigger than Oia and therefore you will find very quiet places with almost no tourists. Everyone sticks in the area around the funicular but if you go away from this area, you will find many places where you will be almost alone.

Below again some pictures of Thira to proove you how beautiful it was.

Travel blogger Thira Santorini Greece white-house-thira-Santorini-Greece white-church-thira-Santorini-Greece view-thira-Santorini-Greece town-thira-Santorini-Greece cruise-thira-Santorini-Greece

If you ever have the occasion to go to Santorini, don’t miss the opportunity. It is to me one of those places to see once in your life.

So it is very touristy yes, but there is a good reason to it!