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2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do

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When in Greece I spent 2 days in Santorini. I wanted to see the most famous towns of Thira and Oia. Below you will find my Santorini itinerary to make the best of your short time on the island.

I was dying to go to the cyclades for years and the many pictures of Santorini that I have seen on Instagram just made me even more eager to visit. Because of many of the things that I have seen on Instagram, I was wondering if I would be disappointing or not. But Thira and Oia are even if very toristic so beautiful it is worth going once in a lifetime.

2 days in Santorini | Itinerary Day 1 : Akrotiri archaeological site + Sunset in Oia

The village of Akrotiri

Akrotiri is an archaeological site that tell the history of the island. There you will see ruins of an ancient prehistoric village that was left empty 1650 BC just before the massive Thira volcano erupted. This village is supposed to be the lost city of Atlantis by Plato.

Sunset in Oia

The taxi dropped us off in a side street that looked like every other greek town. Nothing special yet. We walked toward the main street overlooking the sea and there it was mind blowing. It was even nicer than what I have seen on Instagram. I never imagined that Oia was that high up on a hill. The setting made the whole picture even more incredible.

White houses, restaurant with sea views, cute little shops and the most beautiful boutique hotels is what you will find also in Oia.

Oia is famous for it’s sunset. Most people watch it from the castle but I would suggest you to book a table at a terrace of a restaurant instead. I had drinks and dinner at Red Bicycle and it was just perfect!

Below mores pictures of Santorini. Hopefully it will give you some wanderlust and if not, don’t miss those travel quotes that will do the work for sure 🙂

2 days in Santorini Itinerary day 2 – Morning in Thira and Wine tasting

Breakfast and shopping in Thira

On the second day, head over to Thira to spend the morning. Thira was just so charming. It is bigger than Oia and therefore you can find some quiet places for breakfast even in high season. There are more streets to wander and Thira is also great for shopping. Perfect if you are looking for souvenirs. Jewelry shops are famous in Thira. especially on Odos Ipapartis aka Gold Street.

I am still hesitating on whether I like Oia or Thira/Fira the most.

Spend the afternoon at the Red Beach

The Red beach is close to Akrotiri. you can decide to spend time there on the first day or on the second day. I decided to add it to the things to do on the second day of my Santorini itinerary as I guessed you would be impatient to see how the village of Oia looks like 😉

Santorini is a volcano island and the sand is composed of black and red pulverized volcanic rock from the nearby caldera. This is the reason of the red-hued sand and the name of the beach.

Red Beach is a very popular attraction in Santorini so it can be very crowded during high season. If you are looking for a quiet place I would suggest to head over to another beach.

Sunset while wine tasting in Santorini

Santorini is famous for it’s Santorini wine. The island’s volcanic ground is the reason why the Santorini wine is so special and famous all over Greece and beyond.

Go for a wine tasting to see by yourself and don’t forget to bring a bottle back home!

How to get around Santorini?

By reading my 2 days in Santorini itinerary you probably think, ok great but how do I get around? I went to Santorini two times and let me tell you you can’t rely on public transportation!
The bus are crowded and don’t come that often. The best if you follow my itinerary is to rent a car ot if you just want to see Oia and Thira, you can of course take the bus. The two villages are well connected and you can support a crowded bus for a little while. Another option to see the two villages is to go on a 6miles hike 😉

More time? There are other things to do in Santorini

If you have more time there are plenty of other things to do in Santorini. You can go explore more beaches but be aware that the beaches on Santorini are not the most beautiful of Greece.

An interesting thing to do is to take a volcanic boat tour that will take you for a hike around the active volcano of Nea Kameni. You will then stop for a swim at the hot spring at Palea Kameni.

An if you are active, I dare you go on a hike from Oia to Thira!!

2 days in Santorini | Accommodation

You have plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation in Santorini. I would suggest to stay either in Oia or Thira. Since you don’t have that much time, that way you will be in the center of it all. Prices will depend on the season (book in advance if you plan to go high season) and of course of your standards. There are plenty of boutique hotels in both villages. The choice is yours!

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Santorini worth a visit?

If you ever have the occasion to go to Santorini, don’t miss the opportunity. To me, it is one of those places that you have to see once in your life.

It is indeed very touristy, but there is a good reason to it!


2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do oia Greece

2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do Oia

2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do Thira Greece 2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do Thira Greece

2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do Thira Greece


2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do Thira Greece

2 days in Santorini | Itinerary and things to do Thira Greece