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California road trip – Yosemite national park and Mammoth lakes

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A new stop during our California Road Trip.

After we stopped Big Sur and 24 hours in San Francisco we continued our road trip to Yosemite National Park.

We were so lucky as when we arrived that weekend the National Parks in the USA celebrated their 100 years so that all Yosemite National park and all other parks in the USA were free.

I was craving to go to Yosemite for a while. For some reasons, I love mountains as they impress me so much, much more than the sea or the ocean. It really kind of make me realize every single time how big and old our earth is. Indeed, as Nathaniel Hawthorne said : “Mountains are earth’s undecaying monuments.

We decided to go to Yosemite from San Francisco on our way to Las vegas through Death Valley. Because of our California road trip route we decided to take the Tioga Road aka the CA120. Luckily, this road in which you drive through the woods is supposed to be the most beautiful one in Yosemite, with many great spots like the Olmstead point and the Tenaya lake that you can see on the pictures below.

We visited Yosemite for one day but you can stay much longer if you have the time as there is many things to discover, you can read 2travelsdad article for more informations.  One of the thing I regret is that we didn’t see a waterfall. I have heard they are great and that we didn’t see any animal as Yosemite is full of wildlife : mountain lions, bears and deers to name a few.

We definitely had a great view onto the Sierra Nevada, I will make sure to come back at winter time, when the mountain will be snow covered.

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We continued our journey south toward Death Valley and stopped at Mammoth lakes. Chloe and I searched online for some California road trip ideas and Mammoth lakes seemed beautiful so we decided to go. The city has got many lakes so it is a great spot to refresh on the summer while on the winter it turned into a ski resort in the winter. We rented a boat for a few hours to sunbath in the sun in the middle of the lake, watching the locals fishing. So relaxing.

From Los angeles to Yosemite through Big Sur and San Francisco, I really realized how different California can be. Most people associate California with a sunny place by the beach, but it is so much more than that.

Next stop will be Death Valley, stay tuned.


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