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Canoa Quebrada | Fortaleza’s highlight : sand dunes, red cliffs and long beaches

If you spend a few days in and around Fortaleza, you should definitely spend a few days in Canoa Quebrada. A Fortaleza highlight!

Canoa Quebrada’s landscape is made out of sand dunes,red cliffs, and long white beaches!

Canoa Quebrada|Fortaleza excursion

Canoa Quebrada is around 3 hours drive from the Fortaleza city center. You can access by car or book an excursion from Fortaleza. The best is to spend around 2 nights there to fully enjoy the destination but if your time is limited, you can also book a day trip to Canoa Quebrada. It will be enough to go for a buggy ride on the sand dunes, do some zip lining and enjoy the beach.


Things to do in Canoa Quebrada

Next to Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada is the ultimate beach holiday destination. With it’s 320 day’s of sun, beside laying on the beach, activities available are : dune buggies, horse riding, sailing in a ‘Jangada’ boat, sandboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Dune buggy ride in Canoa Quebrada

Dune buggy ride in Canoa Quebrada is probably the most famous thing to do. You can find buggies to rent on broadway, the main street of the town. Buggy drivers will take you for a fun ride up and down the sand dunes and to a zip lining activity.

Sandboarding and Zip lining in Canoa Quebrada

In the middle of the sand dunes there are 2 little oasis where you can do sandboarding and zip lining. Both will make you land in some fresh water. Perfect to refresh yourself after the buggy ride in the sun!
Price is around 5 dollars.

Kitesurfing in Canoa Quebrada

The region of Ceara is one of the best spot in the world for kitesurfing. You will see many kitesurfers along the coast. Also in Canoa Quebrada you will find some good spots. Several schools offer kite classes with gear rental and sand buggy transfers to the spot. Also many pousadas can arrange kite lessons.

Nightlife in Canoa Quebrada

In the weekend especially, Canoa Quebrada turns into a little party town. The main street : Broadway has many bars and restaurant to spend the night! Don’t miss to dance Forró, a traditionnal Brazilian dance.

Nightlife Canoa Quebrada Fortaleza Brazil

Hotels and Pousadas in Canoa Quebrada

If you decide to spend a few nights in Canoa Quebrada, there are many affordable hotels and pousadas.

We stayed at Long Beach hotel. A fabulous little hotel with two pools!

We had a fabulous time in Canoa Quebrada! Don’t miss my article about other things to do in Fortaleza if you are already in the area!