Cat eye glasses frame. Police Prescription Glasses

cat eye eyed glasses frame police prescription glasses

A little truth about myself today, I am wearing prescription glasses. You never saw me with glasses but I am almost blind. My visual acuity is -6,5 so that without a correction, I cannot even see myself in the mirror. Basically, I only see blurred lines and this is why I need …

I wear my lenses most of the time but sometimes at home when my eyes are very tired I wear my glasses. I have been wearing the same glasses for 8 years in a row. They were so ugly that even my best friend was ashamed for me when I wore them that she would say things like : are you seriously going to the bakery with your glasses? Mh yes, happens…

But you know how hard it is to get rid of an old habit.. I have these Police prescription glasses since more than 2 months now, but I never wore them. I kept wearing my old ones. But last week I throw away my red old glasses and adopted those new glasses by Police with cat eye glasses frame. I didn’t even know that Police was doing anything else than sunglasses. But they do and all Police prescription glasses are very affordable.

I wanted something trendy but that I could keep for a long time (8 years like my old one?!) so I went for a cat-eyed shaped frame and a light brown colour I won’t be bored of to quickly.

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