Another thing I wanted to do while in New York is to look for great shops. So I draw a NYC – TOP 10 jewelry stores on the map below that sell cool and good quality jewelry. With the help of my friend from Juuls Juuls (a very good online shop for jewelry) I created […]

While in New York I stayed for the second times at hotels belonging to the Library hotel group. I stayed one night at three different hotels : Library hotel, Giraffe hotel and Casablanca hotel. All of these hotels are very well situated in Manhattan and have great services all day long. To choose which NYC […]

In the spirit of saving the best for last, today I am talking about what might have been the best part of my trip to Florida : my very first US road trip to Key West with Sunny Cars. One of my dream for years was to do a US road trip. Road trips are […]

I spent around 10 days in Miami and surroundings and the question I asked myself first was, what are the cool things to do in Miami. I absolutely wanted to avoid doing all things trash Miami is often associated with. Beside laying of the beach I did very nice things thanks to some good readings […]

A little article to let you know how was the Veuve Clicquot Carnaval in Miami yesterday. As you may have noticed, I am working for Veuve Clicquot as one of their ambassador for their new champagne : Veuve Clicquot Rich Rich. You can see me on the Veuve Clicquot Rich website. Veuve Clicquot Rich is […]