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NYC – 3 affordable and central boutique hotels

While in New York I stayed for the second times at hotels belonging to the Library hotel group.

I stayed one night at three different hotels : Library hotel, Giraffe hotel and Casablanca hotel. All of these hotels are very well situated in Manhattan and have great services all day long. To choose which NYC neighborhoods to stay at and which hotel you will want to read the blogpost by The Globe trotting teacher. 

Hotel Giraffe

Hotel Giraffe is by far my favourite hotel of the Library hotel group. It is close to the flatiron building and on Park Avenue.

I really like the fact that this hotel is very modern and has got super spacious rooms. Thing you almost never find in New York city. I also like the fact that the room has got a balcony and big windows so I always can admire the view on Park Avenue.

At wine and cheese time, there is live music in the lobby. Super romantic.

Giraffe hotel view New York City Giraffe hotel New York Giraffe bed

Library Hotel

Library hotel as its name say is close to the New York City library as well as from the Central Station.

It is perfectly central and I absolutely love the hotel rooftop winter garden and terrace. A perfect place to escape the city for a moment of relaxation.

The room are quite small but there is everything you need in it and are very charming.

library bed Library hotel wine library hotel terrasse library hotel

Casablanca hotel

Casablanca hotel is the in my opinion the best situated hotel in Manhattan as it is directly on Time Square, just on a side street so it is away from the noise.