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Cool things to do in Groningen, Holland

I spent a weekend in Groningen recently so here are the cool things to do in Groningen, Holland.

What to do in Groningen, Holland

As I just said last weekend I was invited by Groningen tourism to the Netherlands for a fashion event called ‘Nacht van der Mode” that took place for the very first time. “Nacht van der Mode” was an event that invited all the people living in Groningen to show their fashion sense as well as all the fashion shops from Groningen to present their key pieces during a fashion show.
Groningen is indeed a very young (1/4 of the people in Groningen are students) and trendy city that has a lot to offer. Compared to other small city I have been to, I had the feeling it was so much going on and that there was so many things to do. So here are my tips on what to do in Groningen for a perfect weekend getaway.

  • If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you probably know it’s famous for it’s canals. Groningen has a canal as well and walking by it makes you feel like you are in Amsterdam.

Bruin Café

  • Seat for a coffee or a beer in one of the numerous ‘brown café’ (bruin café) that are typical for the Netherlands. They are as beautiful inside as outside.

Grote Markt Square market

  • Buy some Gouda at the weekly market that is Tuesday and Saturday on Grote Markt square.
  • Seat in a restaurant to eat some dutch cuisine. We ate at Brasserie Midi. We tasted some very good local and organic food.


  • From Grote Markt Square, take a walk into the jewish street aka Folkingestraat that was the jewish district until the second wold war. Open you eyes in this street there is a lot to see on the floor and on the walls!! It is also lovely for shopping and don’t miss the synagogue at the end of the street! For more informations, you can go on a tour with a local

Buy some pepernoten

  •  Typical deutsch cookies at Van Delft

Martini Tower

  • Go to the Martini tower and climb until the third gallery for a view over the city.

The Waagstraatcomplex

  • Have a look at the The Waagstraatcomplex designed by Italian architect Natalini
  • Groningen has so many shops. This city has nothing to envy to the big cities. So it’s also the perfect destination for a little shopping trip.

Cool things to do in Groningen : Sunday flea market

  • On Sunday, don’t miss the “Klein-Berlin” flea market. It is great for everyone who loves interior and fashion. I have seen the best vintage fashion I had seen in a long time and prices are very cheap! Definitely THE best thing to do in Groningen on a weekend!

Where to sleep in Groningen

Sleep in an hotel with a view over the canal. We slept into the Miss Blanche newly opened luxurious apartments with view over the canal. But you can also sleep at : Hotel Prinsenhof or for budget travelers at : Hotel Schimmelpenninck Huys

things to do in Groningen Holland