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Cuba – Going out in Havana – Where to drink the best Mojitos?

As you know I was in Havana, Cuba with Havana Club, and who says rum says good drinks so we had the luck to experience some of the best places of Havana’s nightlife. So here is my guide to going out in Havana aka where to drink the best Mojitos in Havana.

Going out in Havana

The best Mojitos in Havana at Hotel Nacional de Cuba

When in Havana, it is nice to go to the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.As i said I would recommend to sleep in a Casa Particular (check where exactly I stayed HERE) but going out there for a drink is a good compromise.

This is the place where the biggest mafia gathering in history happened (it was immortalized in The Godfather Part II).  How exciting right?! So what a better place to sip a Mojito and imagine you have been part of it? After this you will be in the right mood for Cuba!!
going out in Havana Best-mojitos-in-Havana-Hotel-Nacional-de-Cub

going out in Havana Best-mojitos-in-Havana-Hotel-Nacional-de-Cuba

La Bodeguita del Merio – Where Hemingway had his Mojitos

Hemingway approved – La Bodeguita del Merio is a bar situated in old Havana and it is the place where Hemingway used to drink his Mojitos and those are probably the best Mojitos in Havana. The bar is quite touristy but it is nice to go as you can take your drink outside on the street where there is always something going on.

The best Daiquiris at La Floridita

Also Hemingway approved, La Floridita. La Floridita is even more touristy than La Bodeguita but YOU HAVE TO GO, as they really do serve the best daiquiris in town.

As Hemingway said : “My mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and my daiquiri in the Floridita”

going out in Havana Best-Daiquiri-in-Havana-La-Floridita-Hemingway-bar Best-Daiquiri-in-Havana-La-Floridita-Hemingway-bar

Dinner and Mojitos with a view at restaurant Vista Mar

Restaurant Vista Mar
On the very first night we went to have dinner at Vista Mar. It is a very nice place that I wish I had seen by day. Indeed it has an infinity pool where the waves from the sea almost crashes into. So beautiful!!! The food there was also very good. We had seafood and a typical cuban main dish made out of beef.

Cuba-Havana-Restaurant-‚Vista-Mar Cuba-Havana-Restaurant-‚Vista-Mar

Now we come to the best adresses of Havana’s nightlife!!

Going out in Havana – The best of Havana’s nightlife

Rooftop bar and restaurant : El Cocinero Paladar

El Cocinero Paladar is a all in one place. It has both a great restaurant and a rooftop bar. The food there was amazing. Very good lobster!!! We then had a drink on the rooftop. The place is quite young and trendy.

Music and art at the Fabrica del Arte

When there, don’t miss a few meters down the street the Fabrica del Arte that is a place for music and arts and an absolute must go when in Havana.

going out in havana Restaurants-in-Havana-El-Cocinero-Paladar Restaurants-rooftop-bar-in-Havana-‚El-Cocinero-Paladar

I kept the best for the end.

Restaurant and rooftop bar – La Guarida

La Guarida was definitely my personal bar highlight in Cuba. It is a must go while in Havana. A bit pricy but totally worth it.

The whole journey in La Guarida is an experience. While the restaurant is well-hidden among similar buildings and not standing out in any way, once in the building you will be impressed by the entrance, with a huge painting of Fidel Castro to the food through by the drinks of course but also through the architecture of this incredible space. No wonder this paladar is so famous!!

Make sure to take a reservation in advance as it is very exclusive, also among stars like Beyonce or Madonna who celebrated her birthday there…

Going-out-in-Havana-La-Guarida Going-out-in-Havana-La-Guarida

Rooftop and alternative bar – Roma, Havana, Cuba

Roma is a must when going out in Havana, it is an alternative bar situated on top of an apartment building. It is such a cool place because you have a view over Havana, electronic music – yes it has arrived in Havana as well- good drinks, and if ever you need to go to the toilet you will go to one of the neighbor’s apartment. While in Europe everyone would have been super upset about the noise, here the neighbors play the game.

Cuba-nightlife-Havana-rooftop-bar-best-Mojito-La-Roma-alternativ-bar Cuba-Havana-rooftop-bar-best-Mojito-La-Roma-alternativ-bar

For more impressions of Havana, read my travel diary of my authentic journey in Havana with Havana club.

*ADVERTISEMENT – This trip was sponsored by HAVANA CLUB