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Dominicana Moda 2019, the Dominican fashion week

This month I got invited to the Dominican republic to experience the 14th edition of the Dominicana Moda 2019 aka the Dominican Fashion Week.

It is one week of shows featuring Dominican and other interesting fashion designers from South America.

I did several fashion week over the years of my blogging career : Berlin, Amsterdam, and the big four : Paris, Milan, New York and London but the Dominicana Moda is the one I found the most interesting.

A few years ago I pulled a bit away from the fashion scene as I did not feel I belong to it. I found people in the fashion business arrogant, ungrateful and it was just too much superficiality. During this trip to Santo Domingo, I made up with fashion again as this event showed me a face of fashion I have not seen before.

Never at one moment I felt the arrogance I have seen before. Designers are all about doing what they like and they made so much effort in also entertaining the public. And the public was so thankful for this. I have heard so many hand clappings and hurras.

The Dominicana Moda is also a very nice glimpse into the Dominican culture. Designers come out with their family at the end of the show and people come to see the show as a family. Such a beautiful thing to see.

I have also seen models from all age, size and ethnicity. Size 0 is not a must at the Dominicana Moda, it really celebrates people the way the are.

Now back to the fashion.

Dominicana Moda invites designers from the Dominican and South America to show their collection.

The week started with a show by famous Dominican designer Gianina Azar. She is famous for designing concert costumes for Jennifer Lopez for example. Not surprise therefore that her collection was very feathery and glittery. Perfect for special events!

Two other interesting designers from the Dominican Republic were Jenny Polanco who created very Caribbean styles that are perfectly light and colorful for the seaside. Carlos de Moya was another favorite of mine. His collection was spectacular and was inspired by the history of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Moda also makes an effort to showcase fair fashion. I was never really impressed by the designs of fair fashion until now but the show by Toribio made me change my mind. The collection was SO COOL and is based on a “sustainable business model that encompasses three pillars: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social responsibility.”

Finally, every year, the Dominicana Moda invites a star fashion designer to close the fashion event. After Oscar de la Renta in 2018, it was this year the turn for Naeem Khan, both from Dominican origin.

The collection was shown at the beautiful Santa Bárbara church and paid a tribute to Architect Zaha Hadid. It was so colorful and it even included a few bridal dresses. How cool is this white sequined jumpsuit below? Would you dare to wear it at your wedding?!