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An evening in the 20’s with St Germain


Hello!! if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that i went to a 20’s party last weekend. This is a little i organized with the liqueur brand St Germain.

St Germain is a french liqueur flavored with elderflowers and the bottle is super well designed and remembers the art deco style that was famous in the 1900’s. So we came up with the idea to recreate the atmosphere of this time.

I met with some bloggers friends in Kreuzberg at the Prinzipal bar around 8pm and we then got our hair and make up done while tasting cocktails made of the St Germain Liqueur. My favorite cocktails are the St Germain cocktail that is made of : St germain, Sparkling wine or champagne, and club soda as well as the Daiquiri made of St germain, Rum, Lime juice and simple syrup. So tasty.

We then watched a burlesque show in the bar (you can go too of you want, Prinzipal bar is open to everyone you just need to dress nicely). and then went to the famous Bohème Sauvage party. I have heard a lot about this party already, it is very famous amongst 20’s lovers. When you enter the room it’s like you would be back in time. Beside performances and music, you can also play games like roulette, have your portraits draw, etc.

Enjoy the pictures below and feel inspired to organized a St Germain 20’s party for New year’s Eve maybe. Don’t forget to check all recipes HERE.


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